Sunday, June 22, 2008


Oh I forgot to post photos of us actually seadooing...we did go out on the seadoo a lot!! Here is Dallyn and one of his friends. They sure had fun swimming together in the lake with their water wings on. =)

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Another Lake Trip!

Yesterday we went to Lake Camanche again. This time we took a raft that my sister Amy and I used to play in when we were kids!! Now Kaylie and Cameron are playing in it. How fun to see them enjoying it. They had a blast..and the water was super shallow so it was low-stress for Mom!

Kyler's favorite part of the trip was eating watermelon and grapes and pretzels and more grapes...he just loves to snack!
Daddy and Kyler....Dad tried to get Kyler to swim but he wasn't sure about the lake!!
What a darling little boy...isn't that hat so cute on him? I just love precious!
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Our Youngest Athlete

Yes, Dallyn is our first child to be put into sports at the age of 3. Kaylie and Cameron were 6 and 5 before they ever played soccer. However, Dallyn is our most energetic and determined child and he has expressed interest in playing sports. He is very proud to be a part of a soccer team. I found a non-competitive league through parks/rec for 3-4 year olds. It's the perfect team for DJ. They practice for 30 minutes once a week and the coach really makes it fun. They have a 50 minute game on Saturdays and Dallyn is learning a lot about how the game is played.

His favorite part of practice is called 'driving' where he gets to drive his motorcycle into the garage...(you make motorcycle noises while you kick your ball down the field into the goal) Dallyn really loves it which makes it all worth it. Kaylie and Cameron didn't really like soccer but Dallyn sure is into it. We'll see if the passion continues.
Going through the parents cheering tunnel at the end of the game Saturday.....
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Slippin & Slidin

Since we don't have a pool I had to figure out some way to cool the kids off on these hot days!! We decided to buy a slip-n-slide and see how the kids like that. We haven't had one since Cameron was little. The boys sure enjoyed it while Kaylie was at a swimming party.

Kyler had his own way of sliding....he went on his knees crawling through the tunnel of water!!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

All tired out...

What's wrong with this photo? Why do the adults seem to be the only ones who are all tired out? The kids are running around somewhere and yet we just want to rest!!!!!! Pull up a bench and join us..the view is great!
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Calaveras Big Trees Trip!

We made our annual trip to Calaveras Big Trees this weekend. Here is our family at the famous spot we take our annual photograph.

Grandma and Grandpa Black came with us on our trip and that was really fun! Watch out for bears!
Kyler and Mommy on yet another nature walk looking for 'ants'. =)
All packed up and ready to head home...what a fun trip! We can't wait to go on more camping trips!!
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Still More Photos....

The Sequoias are just breathtaking!! Wow!

Sleeping in the camping trailer is always a treat...
Hangin Loose Campin' Dudes!
Kyler Collecting Pinecones (pine-tones)
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More Calaveras Photos

Here are some more fun photos from our quick weekend trip to Calaveras.
The kids enjoyed riding the bikes...

Mommy and Kyler on a walk getting some excercise.
And Cameron.....

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun at the Lake

Kaylie spent an hour collecting Clams at the lake. What will we ever do with a bowl full of clams? Well Kaylie sure enjoyed collecting them!

We love to Seadoo!! =) We could've stayed at the lake all night and the kids would have never gotten tired of riding! =)
At last it was time to go home! The girls wanted to just ride on the seadoo as it was pulled down the freeway..somehow I think that wouldn't fly well with the parents!
Kyler stuck in the mud!! What a cutie...
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Boys will be Boys

So we went to the lake on Saturday with some friends and took our Seadoo out for the first time this season. There were 10 kids and 4 adults that wanted to ride the seadoo so we had to take turns! There was plenty of time to play a the shore (in the mud) and so the boys sure enjoyed that.

Dallyn poked holes in the mud for the snakes to go in and out of.

Kyler enjoyed getting his shoes 'stuck' in the mud and saying "Mommy, Stuck again" over and over. I think it was a game for him. He also enjoyed throwing mud. What a mess!
Cameron and his friend had a great time 'cutting down trees' with their sticks. They explored the island like you would expect boys to do!
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