Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Day at Hunstman--Literally

Well, I have a full time job today, except instead of getting paid I'm paying out big bucks to go to the doctors! =) I left around 8:30 this morning for Huntsman. At 9 am I was injected with a contrast for a bone scan test. The contrast had to be in my system for 2 1/2 hours. So I waited from 9:30 until 12:00 noon while the contrast solution soaked into my bones. I just finished my Bone Scan test which took about 45 minutes. They take different pictures of my bones to look for cancer in the bones.

Now its 1:00 and I'm drinking this nasty milkshake stuff..YUCK! It's worse than what they gave me in CA. That was like orange soda, this is like grape watered down milkshake. This milkshake is actually Barium Sulfate which I have to drink 900 ml of in the next hour and a half. Then I'll have a CT scan done. That scan will look for cancer in my lungs and liver, as well as ovarian cancer in my pelvis. I'm grateful to have these tests done..however I didn't realize I couldn't eat once I started drinking this stuff and I'm starving! I guess I will eat a late, late lunch.

My CT scan is at 2:30 and then at 3:00 pm I have an MRI. When I said I have a day at Huntsman..I really meant it! The MRI will be of the brain, to follow up on the pseudo-progression that was found on May 15th. We need to confirm that the tumor is actually continuing to shrink and that the edema is under control.

So, after today I'll be all tested out I'm sure. In case you are wondering what I'm up to in Utah--this pretty much sums up my day today---working hard at my job of going to the doctors for tests, tests and more tests!

Hugs from Utah,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Email Address Down Temporarily

Hi all, well my email address is temporarily down, but should be back up and running by Monday. So if you get a returned message, just try to re-send the message on Monday. I didn't realize that comcast would actually cancel my email address. It's been 2 weeks since my service was shut off but apparently they just yesterday went to my house and cut the service (or so they said?) and so now my email address is non-existent.

I'm working to get it set back up again and will post when its up and running. Just wanted to let ya know in case your messages are bouncing back!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time with Family

It was great to spend time with my sister and her cute family this weekend!! My niece is so adorable and she's grown so much since I saw her in the spring.
Sisters...I can't wait until my hair is as long as Amys!
Mother and daughter...isn't she darling in her blessing dress?
My little nieces are so precious and I'm so glad I'll be living closer to them now!! Love you all. =)
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Dallyn's Going Away Birthday Party

Dallyn saying goodbye to his best friend...I hope they'll always be friends. We sure miss those fun playdates!

Here's Dallyn blowing out his '5' candle.. =)
Enjoying dessert with all his friends at his birthday party!
Playing Darth, Darth, Darth Vader (duck, duck, goose) at his Star War's party. Thanks to Angee for planning and throwing the party since I was such a crazy packing lady!! The kids had a great time and Dallyn sure appreciated the special time with friends. We love and miss you all in CA!
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Saying Goodbye..

Saying Goodbye was really hard...are some photos of us with our dear friends the Wangsgards. We miss you so much already!!
With Much Love..the Wrights

Our kids were fortunate enough to have amazing teachers at Edna Batey. Here we are with our favorites!! Ms. R Saake and Ms. A Saake were Kaylie's 4th grade team teachers and A Saake was Kaylie's first grade teacher and Cameron's first grade teacher too. We sure love and appreciate them and will miss them! Keep in touch ladies! We appreciate you!! =)
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Dallyn's Preschool Graduation

During the last week in California Dallyn had his preschool graduation. I was fortunate enough to be in a homeschool preschool co-op the past 2 years and this was the graduation from his 2 years in preschool. Here is Dallyn showing his self portrait from his graduation book.

Our cute graduate..=)
Here's 4 of the 6 kids waiting for their graduation cake!
The children all sang a graduation song that was very cute...but since it was so windy they were all focused on holding on to their hats to keep them from blowing away!! Congrats Dallyn--we are proud of how much you've grown.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Night at the Theater

Kaylie and I had a Mother & Daughter date Saturday Night. I surprised her and took her out to the Capitol Theater in SLC. Scott and I went here to see Les Miserables to celebrate our 2nd wedding Anniversary when Kaylie was just 1month old!! So it was fun to show Kaylie where we had gone out for a date almost 10 years ago!!

Here's Kaylie outside the theater. We went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! We had a great time and it was a darling show. We both love the movie so we knew it would be fun!
Kaylie loves acting in theater and was amazed that there was actually a real orchestra and not just a CD at this performance. She had never been to Broadway before and she just absolutely loved it. It was really fun to spend this time together!
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Well I'm here in Utah and we've been here 6 days now. I've been up to Hunstman already twice!! It's an amazing facility and I feel very blessed to be able to receive treatment there. Monday I met my new oncologist, Dr. Buys, and she is an oncologist for Breast Cancer patients, so I have someone very specialized on my team. She is amazing and took two hours talking to me and going over different options for my care. I really like her! She's referred me to a Dr. Jensen, a Neurosurgeon at Hunstman that specializes, among other things, on breast cancer metasis to the brain, which is what I have. So I'm excited to meet him too at the beginning of July.

Here I am in front of the Institute by the valet parking. They are so NICE here, and the facility is beautiful. I guess if you have to have a horrific disease like this they at least want your experience at the Dr. to be pleasant. Thurs I received my herceptin IV injection. Their chemo suite is very nice, they have TV's that come out from the wall you can watch while you get chemo. Scott came with me so we chatted and I wrote out Thank You cards while I rec'd my treatment. Maybe next time I'll take a nap!!
Scott took this photo from where our car was parked. We are WAY up on the Mt. as high as you can go in SLC..it's amazing. I remember being at BYU graduation and Jon Huntsman received some type of award for his contribution to society by donating the money for this research institution. Little did I know that this center would become a very personal and life changing part of my life. How grateful I am for people that make donations and sacrifices of their personal money to help others. I feel truly blessed!
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Kaylie's GoodBye Party!

Some of Kaylie's closest friends threw her a SURPRISE goodbye party 2 weeks ago. Here the girls are enjoying their ice cream cones!

They made a goodbye poster for Kaylie and everyone did their handprints on a pillowcase for her and they made her a picture frame. She'll always be so grateful for her wonderful friends in Elk Grove. She misses you all!
Here they are getting ready to eat the Pasta Bar dinner!!
Silly girls jumping on the trampoline..Kaylie is taking the photo!! Thanks for loving Kaylie so much! We miss you!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our First Week in Utah

Well we made it here safely although we are still recovering from how TIRED we are from all the craziness of this move. We are becoming adjusted to Utah and the children have had fun playing with cousins, etc. I've been up to Hunstman Cancer Institute twice this week already for Dr. apts and I've been really happy with the care I will receive there.

Scott and I have been house hunting and we've been trying to get all the loose ends taken care of. One of them I'm still working on is getting Internet. Unfortunately the home we are living in does not have ability to have Comcast Internet without trenching the yard. Since we are renting we won't be doing that.

So today I have to find out what other options I have for Internet. Until then I'll be able to log on Scott's computer here and there to post and check some online emails. Hopefully I'll be set up soon with my new email.

Just wanted to give you all a quick update...time for Scott to head to work so I have to log off!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

On the Road...

Well we are currently on the road to Utah. I'm using Scott's aircard to blog while we are driving through the desert here in Nevada. I cried the first 3 hours and I think I'm out of tears now. I'm going to miss my friends in Elk Grove SO much! Thanks to all of you who have loved and befriended myself and my family. You have left imprints on our hearts forever. You know me, I'm a crazy blogger so you'll always be able to keep updated on our life from a distance. Isn't technology great??

Love, The Wright Family--photos to come next week--we miss our CA friends and family!!