Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

Well it is sad to say, for the kids at least, that summer is officially over. They all started School again today. Kaylie, 9th grade, Cam, 7th (Jr, High) (Both at Centerville Jr. High), Dallyn 4th and Kyler 2nd grade (Both still at Centerville Elementary). It is hard to believe how old they look, time is sure flying by.


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End of Summer Fun

For the last night (other than Sunday) of the kids summer I wanted to do something fun, out of the ordinary and memorable. So we hiked up a canyon behind our home, about 2 miles each way, to a rope swing. The kids loved it. We then had a campfire and eat Smores, Yum.

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Stewart Falls

For our date on Saturday, Vera Lyn and I hiked to Stewart Falls on the back side of Mt. Timpanogos by Aspen Grove. It is not too hard of a hike, about 4 miles round trip, and way worth it. Beautiful water fall. It was fun. We also say a most amazing sunset, below, as we left a fireside on Sunday. The suns rays looked fake, as if they were drawn on the sky somehow.
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Swimming Lessons

Kyler and Dallyn finished up more swimming lessons. They both did amazing in their respective classes. Both teachers said they were the best swimmers in their classes, even though they were both much younger than the rest of the class. Great job boys.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mid August 2013

We the kids and I are fulling the remaining summer days (only 1 more week til school starts again) with as much fun (and work) as possible. Scott's job (s) have been a bit demanding of late with some big restructuring at the top of Orabrush,, making a lot more work for him. Combined with a major remodeling project, he has been fairly busy. The picture below is the finished product of the remodel, new hardwood flooring in Vera Lyn's kitchen area to replace well worn linoleum.

The past week was also very bitter sweet for Cam. he was at his first Scout camp, up in WY by Yellowstone. He loved it, especially the skits and activities. He did wilderness survival, swimming, boating, shooting, hiking, etc. He earned three merit badges and said the place was stunningly remote and beautiful. The bitter was he missed out on some fun family activities, described below, that feel during that same week.

We did an unplanned Lagoon (amusement park) trip with Vera Lyn and her kids. It was a lot of fun, however, as shown in the first pic below, it got cold after being soaked to the bone on the third raft ride in a row and wet cloths and shoes the rest of the night.

Pioneer Village Armory.

Kaylie finally got busted. 

Lauren and Vera Lyn.

Friday we, our Family without Cam and Vera Lyn and her 3 kids, went boating with some friends at their cabin in Bear Lake. That was so fun. Early Saturday morning Dad got up and did a 2 mile open water swim, it was perfect. We then left Bear Lake and headed to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho for a family reunion with Vera Lyn's siblings. He had a fun BBQ and then a great time in all the pools and on the water slides. Kyler was super brave, he went down some big steep slides and even jumped off the 5 meter diving platform. Tailyn and Lauren proved they had guts by jumping off the 7 meter platform as well. But only Kenyan manned up to jump with Dad off the 10 meter one. Cam of course would have loved it all, but he missed it and we missed him.
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Family shots at the Manti Temple

Since we were at such a beautiful setting, and all dressed up for my brother's wedding (see next post) figured we'd better try and get a few good pics of everyone.
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Brad gets hitched (finally)

On Saturday my "little" brother Brad finally got married. We are so happy for him and could not be more thrilled about his new wife, Gina. They are perfect for each other and very much in love. Gina is from a small central Utah town called Moroni, about 30 minutes from another small central Utah town, which happens to have a very old (1870's) temple, Manti. It was a gorgeous day and all went well at the ceiling, luncheon and reception.

We also had a great time visiting with so many family members that came into town. We especially loved having a few stay with us for a few days, none more than Macenzie who stayed 4 days with us. That was a blast.
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