Friday, October 31, 2008

More Sightseeing

We were able to experience fine art on our trip as well....

And Cameron came a bit too close to being eaten by a lion....luckily the lion had a good sense of humor!
Happy Halloween from our little pumpkin!! =) We had a wonderful time at Lego Land!!
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More Sightseeing

See my previous post...

Scott got to visit the White House..that was neat!!

Look at the great colorful buildings downtown...
We took a break to watch a Dolphin Show..
And listen to some pirates 'yo-ho-yo-ho' too!
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Sight Seeing

On our trip down south we got to visit a few famous Washington D. C.!! Here are some photos!

Dont you love the marching band?
Scott had a business trip to Vegas the week before our trip. He stayed at the Venetian we took a visit there too!
It's fun to see everyone's Halloween decorations on their lawn this time of year.
Did I mention we visited some farming country too? It was an all-around great trip!!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prop 8 Experience & Service

There has been a great deal of focus on Prop 8 here in California and our family has been trying to do our part to educate people on the importance of voting yes on 8 to preserve traditional marriage. Saturday our whole family went out to a major intersection here in Elk Grove and held up signs. We had all four corners of that intersection filled with members of our church holding signs. Even Dallyn held a sign...Kyler was held by Scott or I since we were on a CORNER and I was stressed about him running in the street.

It was a good experience for the kids and even though they got a few "Thumbs Down" from drivers and one person yelled at Kaylie, overall the children learned a lot about freedom of speech, freedom to vote, etc. We got a lot of thumbs up from drivers and lots of people honked (there were "Honk if you support yes on 8' signs everywhere). Now the kids count the number of Yes on 8 signs they see as we drive through town. I'm glad the older kids are becoming educated on the blessing we have of being in a free country and the importance of standing up for what you think is right...even if it means being yelled at by passersby. We aren't sure how things will go on Nov 4th...but at least we gave some time to serve to support the effort!

And now what is Kyler doing?

Yep, he's our family gymnast!! =)
A few weeks ago we had a Family Home Evening lesson on Service. There is a humanitarian project going on in our church to collect paper goods for a Women's Shelter. We had a lesson about service and then each of the children got to choose something from the list that they wanted to donate to the Women's home. Here are the kids with their spoils. We took the items over to the home of the was a great lesson and the children really seemed to get the point of the importance of serving others!!
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Pirate's Life for Me!

Just a few photos of our time in the Pirates area of LegoLand...we had so much fun on the pirates ride, squirting water at everyone!! Can we catch them??

Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho A Pirate's Life for Cam!
Here Dallyn and I are chasing the girl's ship....
They actually really got us wet....I think they won that duel!!
Dallyn was eaten by a shark!! Oh No!
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More and More Legos!!

They had the most awesome play area made of Duplos was perfect for Dallyn and Kyler to run around in. Since we only had one day in the park we couldn't spend a long time in any one area..there was just TOO MUCH to do. The place was amazing! Way bigger than Scott or I ever imagined!

Here are the boys in Duplos Land..
This is a Volvo..yes it is a full-sized Volvo covered in Legos...
A close-up view of the car....i thought it was amazing!
I made a new friend! Always good to have a police officer for a friend isn't it? My new friend isn't much of a conversationalist though, but he let me pose for a photo with him!
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Brick or Treating

Nope, its not a spelling error...while we were at LegoLand they had a "Brick or Treating" event and the children got to go brick-or-treating down a lego trail. Here are a few photos from that trail....

Dallyn and a lego ghost....
This is SO CUTE.....
Our entire family inside a big Lego Pumpkin!
This was from another display in Legoland..Kaylie and I thought these firefighters were just too cute!!
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LegoLand Fun

Ok, I'm 31 years old but I just have to say that I LOVED LEGOLAND!!! Maybe its because I have three sons and a husband who are all obsessed with Legos, but I sure thought it was an AMAZING place. I took a TON of photos!!

I couldn't believe what all was built with Legos! Here is Cam with a Lego Darth Vader!!

Dallyn with R2D2A!!
Here are all the kids with Bob the Builder. Kyler sure was excited about seeing him....notice the boys in their LEGO STAR WARS shirts for legoland! And the girls are twins too.. =)
Cameron LOVES skeletons..the only thing better than a skeleton is a skeleton lego!
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Character Fun...

I just LOVE This photo of Cameron and Wall-E!! Cam is a huge Wall-E this was fun!
Prince John...from Robin Hood...tried to take my wedding ring off, tricky fellow! He didn't succeed though! Here he is with the boys...
Kyler's favorite friend to meet was Brother Bear...just because he was cute...Kyler hasn't seen the movie..he just was scared of most friends but not him!! He's still talking about him! =)
The twin cousins, all in their matching red/white/blue/pink striped polos and coordinating pants. It sure was easy to spot the girls at Disneyland..just looking for the matching shirts!! =) Here they are in front of Boo's Door at Monsters Inc..
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Candy Corn Acres

California Adventure was decorated in Candy Corns and it was SO CUTE!!
I just loved all the neat decorations they had for the holidays. It made it all so fun!

Here I am with my Aunt A! Just the girls "goofin around"!
Some tomato plants!! LOVE IT!
Kyler and H admiring the CANDY CORN growing on the stalks!! ha ha ha ha...
All the cousins (less Dallyn) with Goofy. Kyler wasn't so sure about who Goofy you can see...but afterwards he talked all about GOOFY!!
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Candy Corn Acres Part 2

I just LOVED the Candy Corn Acres display at Disney's California Adventure. Check out all these cool Candy Corn Crops!

More Cactus
even Pumpkins!!
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