Friday, July 25, 2014

Family Camping

Over 4th of July our family went camping at Timponokee Camp ground behind Mt. Timpanogas. It was very relaxing and a lot of fun. We went on a great hike to Stewart Falls and went around to the front side of the mountain and watch fireworks pop up all over the valley.

Boys Summer Bdays

Dallyn and Kyler both celebrated Birthdays in July. They had some fun parties, Dallyn watched Star Wars with his friends and Kyler got to take a few friends to Chuck e Cheese. A lot of fun for all.

Dallyn's preparty BBQ.

Chuck E Cheese

For Kyler's Birthday breakfast he wanted a breakfast hot dog, something Kaylie had seen on Pinterest. A waffle with egg and sausage inside. They were actually really good.

Summer Happenings

A lot has been happening with our family so far this summer. Most importantly is the combining of our two families. It has not gone without its fair share of challenges, but we are having a great time together and are so glad to be opening this new chapter in our lives. Here are a few things that happened in June.

Vera Lyn attended her second year of Kodai training at BYU for music teachers. It is a super intense 2 week course over a 3 year period. She loves it, but it takes a lot of energy, time and commitment.

The kids made Dad Father's Day breakfast in bed. So fun. 

We got to visit Lyman and Brian's grave site around Memorial Day. The kids hands sure have changed in 8 years.

Dallyn and Kyler attended Cub Scout Day camp with the Centerville Ward.

Scott and Vera Lyn went to western WY on the annual camping trip with Vera Lyn's siblings. Such beautiful country there. And yes there was still some snow.

We celebrated Vera Lyn and Kenyan's Birthdays. Kenyan was at scout camp over his birthday but we celebrated them together on the weekend.

Cam and Kenyan went to Boy Scout Camp with the Lehi Ward. They both earned a lot of merit badges.

Dallyn, Kyler, Lauren and Tailyn participated in the Days of Lehi parade with the Ward float. They loved marching in the parade (twice.)

Kenyan and Kaylie both got to go to EFY at BYU. Here is Kaylie and her friend Lindi from Centerville. They all had a blast and came away spiritually uplifted.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Heidi

37 years ago, Heidi Black Wright was born. She is an amazing women and we feel blessed each and everyday for the influence she had and continues to have on our lives. Happy Birthday Heidi.