Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Abby!

My niece Abby turned one this week and we celebrated with a Birthday Party at Amy's this weekend. Abby loves farm here is her cute cake!! She was excited to get to those animals!!
And right into her mouth they go!
How many can she grab at once? Whoops..she got some frosting with that one!!
After that excitement her Mom gave her some peas...she gobbled them up too! You would never know that she wasn't eating cake and ice cream with the rest of us!!
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Present Time!

Abby opening her present from Aunt Heidi...a onesie that said "I Love my Auntie" and a cupcake dress. I couldn't resist! =)
Here is Abby opening our card and Bella is getting ready to help her open her vacuum from our family..its PINK! =)
Abby's favorite gift of all was the tissue paper!! It was so cute! She was just so into the tissue and wanting to eat it!
Look at those cute teethies!
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Fun with Cousins

It's always fun to get together with cousins. Here's my big BOYS playing with Bella and her strollers! =) I love it that my boys aren't too grown up to play with their little 2 year old cousin!
Even though there is 8 1/2 years between Kaylie and Bella, they are great little friends. Bella loves having Kaylie play with her. Here they are reading books together!! I'm so glad Kaylie at least has girl cousins since she doesn't have any sisters!!
Cameron made a little party hat for his was a fun party!
Here's the birthday girl...isn't she darling???????????? I can't believe she is one!
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Cute babies!

My new nephew Tyler is growing up so fast. Here he is giving us some smiles!! He's just two months old and so darling!! It was fun to see him, Ryan and Laura at the party!

Dallyn wanted to hold Abby and she started to give him little kisses! So cute!
Here's Dallyn with his two adoring cousins..they sure love to have Dallyn around and he's really attached to them!
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BYU Trip

We wanted to take the children down to BYU to show them our old stomping grounds. We drove by the apartments we had lived in when we got married and when Kaylie was born. We showed the kids the buildings we went to for a lot of our classes too! It was fun to take a walk down memory lane. Here are the boys with Dad in front of the Brigham Young Statue.

The older boys wanted a picture by the Cougar...Kyler wasn't so sure!
The kids were amazed to learn that Dad and Mom hiked up to the "Y" years ago. It looks so high up there! Some day we'll take them hiking up there!
Here we are enjoying our picnic lunch outside...Spring is here! =)
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Hogle Zoo

Monday was a teacher work day and so the kids had the day off school. We decided to go with our friends the Williams to the Hogle Zoo. Our family came here almost 3 years ago as part of our family reunion, so it brought back memories.

I realized that was the last time I took my kids to the zoo. Now my friend Angee was nice enough to take my younger kids a few times when I was sick or on treatment or something..but I hadn't been with them in 3 years!!
Here's all the kids together! Yes, Cam insisted on wearing his green frog hat to the zoo...come on Mom, its the ZOO!! That boy is not shy about wearing silly hats. I should be to blame since I bought it for him!!
My "baby" enjoyed the day at the zoo....
All the kids....enjoying the Elephants...
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More Zoo Fun!

Kaylie's favorite animal is a giraffe!
The kids enjoyed climbing on all the animal statues..they were almost as exciting at the real animals.
Kyler wanted to get his picture taken with snakes and he is with the snakes. He even wore a snake shirt to the zoo!
The kids with another favorite animal...
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

We had a fun breakfast with Green Eggs (we should have had ham too!), green yogurt and green milk. Kaylie ate her toast and yogurt and didn't want to brave the green food at all! I convinced her it tasted the same and she finally tried it! It was a fun way to start the morning! Dallyn even had the perfect St. Patty's Day shirt from last year.

When we got home from school this is what the kitchen looked like! The kids think a leprechaun did it! Dallyn said a Leprechaun came into his classroom at school and made a big mess. Chairs were knocked over, toys and books spilled out and there were green footprints left behind. There was a letter from the leprechaun that said "Don't let big people drink my potion or their feet will turn green." Well, Dallyn and his classmates drank the potion and their feet were OK. So, Dallyn's teacher decided to drink some, as well as the teacher's helper, and their feet turned green!! Good thing I was the teacher's helper in the morning and not in the afternoon when they drank the potion!!

Dallyn said a Leprechaun was doing the same things at our house....
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ski School Day!

Today we had school in the mountains! Scott and I were the teachers. The subjects we covered were as follows:
*Balance, Coordination and Stamina
*Determination when things get hard
*Practice makes perfect...or at least better
*You'll never succeed if you don't try and fail once & awhile
*Everyone has strengths & talents & it's important to nurture them
*The law of science is that an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force...and we put that one to the test!
*Giving up is not an option!!

Here's a photo of me with my two students!
Yeah for the kids 10 and under ski free deal at Brighton!! Scott and I got discount adult lift passes online, and borrowed ski gear from our friends and so we were all decked out for our trip!!
Yeah for Ski School Day in the Mountains!!
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What a day!

Today was a picture perfect day for us when we went skiing. I took my gloves off for awhile since it was just too warm! We were blessed with wonderful weather for our one ski trip of the season! We look forward to going next season! We had a lot of fun!
See how empty the mountain was? That's Cam, Kaylie and Scott skiing down the hill in front of me!
Another great photo of the kids and Scott getting ready to trek down the mountain!
What a great group of skiers! I had the opportunity of skiing with them today and it was so fun....we all crashed when we were getting off the lift! One person lost their balance and it caused a domino effect! So they had to stop the lift as all four of us lay on the ground looking totally ridiculous!! Needless to say we had a few laughs!
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Beautiful Views

The views were breathtaking! It was so neat to be skiing on this amazing mountain! Here's some photos of the scenery up there!

Kaylie had a rough next-to-last run, but she persevered and went on one more run and she did a great job! I was really proud of her for how she didn't give up even when it was hard!!
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