Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soccer Buddies

My little boys had their first soccer games today...they were so excited. They are both green which they think is cool...

And they are both #2 which they also think is super cool! This is them showing you the numbers on their backs.

They wanted to show me one of their best kicks!

Dallyn is on the Green Eagles...

Kyler is on the "Green Lightsabers" with Dad as the coach..and yes Scott helped them come up with this name! =)

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A Few Changes

Well, I decided it was time to re-establish our children's temple picture in their rooms. When we lived in Elk Grove this was on our wall...

Last week I changed it to the night view photo of the Bountiful Temple. That is the one my children will grow up going I want them to be used to that photo so we made the change this week!

One of the changes I have had to make since starting chemo is to really baby my hands and feet. Both get very, very sore with this chemo. Some times are worse than others but they always hurt. So Scott got me these new mats from Costco and they are great on my feet...wish I had had them all along!

Additionally, I have found best friends in these two products from Bath and Body Works. These products are made for people with super dry skin on their hands and feet. Now, they aren't really meant for chemo patients but they are the best thing I have found so far.

I wear the booties around the house a lot since my feet are much worse then my hands, but sometimes I also put the gloves on when I am lying in bed reading, etc. They are lined with a paraffin material that helps keep your hands and feet soft. I also have a creme that I put on my feet every day that is a lifesaver for me. Imagine how hard it would be to have your feet hurt all the time?? So these are some new changes in my life as of late!

The last change is my new haircut. I haven't cut my hair since November when I lost my hair to radiation and it all fell out. So I am back to my haircut from about 3 years ago...(sheez!), but at least I have enough hair, barely, to go without a wig now so I am grateful for that!! I am trying to get used to the new do!

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Family Swim Party

In Early August we had a family swim party at Amy's pool in Orem. It was great to be together with everyone. My kids took to the water like the fishes that they are...even Kyler was all over the deep end (with my or Scott's watchful eye of course!)

Kyler having a fun time playing fishes with Abby.

Austin took turns taking his girls for rides in the kiddie pool, they sure liked that!

Now it's Bella's turn!

Tyler was so funny...he LOVED to splash (Bella wasn't so sure about that) and he got a big kick out of Cam's goggles. What was the deal with those things on Cam's eyes?

Loving the water!!

Even Hayley got in on the fun...

Watch out Hayley, here comes the splashing monster!! =)

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Family Celebrations!

A few weeks ago we got together to celebrate some special times. One of the things we celebrated was Bella starting preschool. I found the cutest "Elmo" preschool card so that got the ball rolling for a back to school gift for Bella's first year in preschool!
She was really excited about the Dora sticker book. I'm hoping it will give her Mom some quiet moments when her sisters are sleeping and Bella will be entertained!

So Auntie Heidi has a thing for Turtles, Frogs and Monkeys! Every time I see little girl clothes that have monkeys on them I think of Bella. Combine that with a dancing ballerina Monkey and I just HAD to get her this shirt!!

A photo of Auntie and Bella with her special gifts.

In addition to celebrating Bella we also celebrated Jason's birthday (Belated) and Allison's birthday (Early). So here are the Newlyweds with their birthday gifts.

Aunt Allison made a super fun treat for our birthday are Kaylie and Cameron with their treats...they thought it was so fun!

She made cupcakes with bears in life preservers on the sand and one of them didn't have an umbrella and so he got sunburned. Some were fully in the water and some had some water and some sand and then the cute beach umbrellas. It sure was creative and the kids enjoyed it! Thanks Allison for bringing those!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letting my Baby Spread his wings!

Well this has been an emotional time for me as I see my little Kyler turning 5 last month and now starting into Kindergarten. He is so excited to be like his big brothers and he sure loves school but it is hard for Mom to let go!
My three boys are all at Centerville Elementary now and they are the Centerville Eagles. As they say you need to spread your wings and fly which is what they are all doing!

Kyler's hook in the Kindergarten hallway...

Putting up his backpack for his first big day!

Sitting on the rug all ready to learn! How did my baby grow up so fast?? =) Love you Kyler K!

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Back to School 2011

Time flies and all of a sudden it is back to school time again! Here are my kids on their first day back to school last week. Cameron got to pick out a fun sugar cereal for the occasion. It was a very busy but exciting day!
Kaylie started Jr. High at Centerville Jr. and so we have an earlier schedule now. It's been a pretty crazy week getting used to it all but we are trying to get into the routine of things! Here are the kids first thing the morning.

Kaylie all ready for her first day, excited and nervous about Jr. High. She is almost 12 I can't believe it! She has great teachers and friends at school and is really enjoying it so far!! Hopefully that will continue! =)

Here are the boys with their coordinating backpacks all ready to go to school. Cameron had his Darth Vader one last year and then this spring I got the Boba Fett one on sale at PBK so I was really excited. Then they decided to clearance out the Yoda small sized backpacks and I just couldn't resist!! So now the boys are all coordinating! It's great because Kyler's is smaller just right for his size!
Look at my coordinating boys! Love them! =)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

what Kyler has been up to!

We had a fun time visiting cousins down in Provo and Kyler loved making Abby laugh!
Any chance Kyler got he would spend it swimming at the rec center pool or any other chance he got! He sure loves swimming!

Kyler's siblings created a Wizards Lair down in the basement this summer and so Kyler learned some spells and Dad helped him create a neat magic that was fun!

This is Kyler participating in Dallyn's triathlon (see later post) by swimming on the swing. He used his arms to make swimming motions with his arms! How very creative he cute! Kyler had a great summer and what was even better was that his siblings were all home to play with him!! He will miss them now that they are in school when he is home 1/2 day.

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What Cameron has been up to!

Well Cameron has been swimming and swimming and swimming some more this summer! He has been doing awesome! He's advanced to the Juniors team and is becoming quite the little fish. This past week he started doing what they call "dry land" for Juniors. That is where he does strength training type things and works on developing muscle and then he swims for 1 1/2 hours after that. Let's just say he is burning a lot of calories going to team!

Cameron spent his summer months keeping us smiling and laughing. He sure is the family comedian and he is sure to make me smile even in the worst circumstances. I'm so grateful for the balance Cameron brings to our family!! Love him!

This made me cry..he is just such a sweet boy. He decorated my door the other day after I had had a few rough days on chemo. You can read the cute signs he made for me. What a thoughtful son I have! I am so blessed!

Don't come in unless you are willing to be nice to Mom!!=) Cameron has had a great back to the routine of school, etc!

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