Friday, March 30, 2012

Cameron's After Photos...

Cameron found a great spot for his awesome Arrow of Light Plaque and his swimming ribbons. This is the corner where he hangs out to "drum" it up like his Dad!

This is the spot that Cameron does not know what is below to find out...

I just love how Cameron's room turned out! He has his Star Wars shrine collection on his dresser here...all very fun! To the left is his lego display shelf behind his door where he can set out his collections and creations.

Cameron has the Pottery Barn Kids star wars bedding and has for a few years. I discovered a lady on ebay that makes custom items with the fabric! So I ordered some curtains to finish off Cameron's windows. I LOVE the look. This week his garbage can and fabric memo board will arrive. They are handmade with the same fabric and as well. He hasn't seen those yet but they will be a fun addition to the room!!

We took down the bookcase that he hardly used anyhow and was crowding the room and Scott put in some simple shelving to display Cameron's love...stuffed animals! Currently the Beanie Boo variety with the huge eyes are the big hit!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Before and After Photos of Cameron's Room

So I have been working on 'projects' in the wee hours of the morning when I am up on steroids and not able to sleep. I have been coming up with ideas of what I would like to do with my kids rooms. Now, as you know from following my blog, I love to decorate and I am really into all the fun decor elements of making a room really it's own. So I took on this project a few months back and have been working on it a lot over the past few weeks. In light of what I learned this week I am so glad I took the time to work on this!! The room is going to be awesome when we are done...well it already was pretty awesome!! So here are some befores....really messy...

I bought an R2D2 Rug when I had a discount coupon and free shipping. I couldn't resist...its awesome and ties the room together so well!! Plus he has blue and gray walls and the rug was the same tones....I mean REALLY?? I just had to have that!

This corner is kind of crazy. It's his drumming corner where he plays Scott's old digital drum set. Then he has his lego display shelf there and he has some fort built or something....anyhow its just always a messy mess. You will see some after photos that are MUCH better. So stay tuned to read something fun about the decorating tomorrow!!

His current set up has his Giant Light Saber on the wall (its the only wall that is long enough) and his book case rack up high..We are going to move that, its too high for my liking and not practial for placement. Then this trophy shelf was mine when I was little (with bunny wallpaper on it) and so I think I am going to move it in the boys room and put Cameron's little knick knacky things on one of his other many shelves in here.....see the wheels are turning!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Heidi's Cancer Course Turns a Corner...

Friends and Family,

Today we had appointments with Heidi’s Doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. They confirmed several things that Heidi has been dealing with for the past few weeks. First, the oral chemo that Heidi has been taking for the past two months does not appear to be having any effect on the tumor. We knew it was a long shot to begin with,as it is usually used for primary brain tumors and Heidi's is secondary.

Second, the tumor is continuing to grow. We found out it has grown about 5% more this past month. Based on Heidi’s current symptoms the tumor is reaching a more critical point wherein it has become more embedded in the brain, thus effecting more of her neurological capabilities. Combined with the swelling it is causing, the tumor is taking up too much room in the skull. This is putting too much pressure on the brain and it could soon begin to have significant consequences.

Third, and most important, they confirmed that it is time to switch our focus on dealing with this. It is time to change our mindset from trying to fight the cancer and prolong life to focusing on making Heidi’s quality of life as great as possible for as long as she has left to live.

We have tried all the proven approaches to treat the cancer, and they have not worked with normal effectiveness. We have tried the second line of defense tactics and they have not worked. We have tried several long shots and they have not shown effectiveness. Anything further tried would run the risk of causing more side effects and damage to Heidi than possible benefit.

We knew this end result was inevitable at some point and we are grateful that we have had so much time to prepare ourselves and our children. Surprisingly our family has felt a great deal of peace and comfort as we've dealt with this really hard reality.

In Heidi’s own words, “Please do not feel sorry for me and don't be too sad! I know this is God’s will and I am grateful I have had as much time to prepare as I have had. Please celebrate with me the wonderful 34 years of life I have been able to truly LIVE. That is a blessing that not everyone has and I feel really grateful.”

We are so appreciative to our family, friends, and doctors that have done so much for us over the past few years and Heidi looks forward to sharing fun times with as many as possible over the coming months.

Scott Wright & Heidi too (written by Scott)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ski Trip with Cousins

Well I was sick on chemo this past week so I didn't do my normal job of taking good photos of our events. So I have to apologize bout that.

The kids had a teacher prep day on Monday so we took advantage of that day off and Scott took the kids snow skiing.  He drove up to Logan so he could meet up with Lisa's family so we could do more of a 'cousin' type thing so that was fun.  Andrew took Cam and Zach all over the hill and Kaylie skied with her cousins Sandra and Brittney. Lisa was there helping out like crazy. I can't imagine how hard it would be since I wasn't there to help at all even with my own kids!  Scott was in charge of Dallyn and Kyler on the slope and the kids were just talking up a STORM about all the fun things they did skiing. It was such a hit! We usually only go once a year so this was our 'big' ski day.

Cameron being silly..he is wearing one of the new swim caps he got and his new swim trunks. He has had the same swim trunks for about 4 years and he finally has grown enough for me to buy him new ones! Amazing...he is finally growing a bit! =)

There's nothing quite like relaxing in the hot tub after a long day on the ski slopes! The kids sure had a fun day and I'm so glad they were able to go having that fun time together.  I missed them but it was fun to hear all about everything when they returned home! =)
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good News!!??

We found out that I have a major yeast infection in my throat that is causing me a lot of problems and swallowing issues.

So I had an Endoscopy today and the news is good! I am not used to good news so this is FAB! I found out that I have a really bad yeast infection in my throat and it is totally different than the yeast infection I had in November, its so bizarre. So I have an infection in my esophagus which is caused by a leftover infection I had in January caused by the antibiotics I was on to treat the pneumonia I had in December. Don't you love how everything is well linked?

The chemo and steroids are not allowing my body's immune system to fight the infection. So, the answer now is that I am starting an antibiotic to treat the infection. It may take awhile because the infection is so very bad but I am encouraged by the fact that we have a plan.

Once we can get the yeast under control then I should be able to start swallowing again, as right now my throat is like velcro. Then I should be able to start talking better and get my voice back, right now I vary from a man's voice to no voice at all. And lastly I should be able to breath better and not have to always be worried about choking on everything.

I am just so excited that someone can tell me WHAT is wrong and WHAT can be done to fix it...that is amazing and that never happens for me! Talk about counting my blessings tonight!!I just had to share the happy news! I can't wait to be able to eat normal food again!

The Comfort of the Temple

On Saturday we had a break in the middle of Cameron's swim events. We were able to go to the temple together which was really great. We went to the Mt. Timpanogas Temple and it was so great to be there. I needed the comfort of the temple as things have been really hard for me lately.

My life has changed a lot in the last month. Let me list a few of the challenges I have had:
-Went from no headaches to almost daily headaches
-Went from no steroids to 12 mg daily of steroids which means I have a racing brain, which drives me mentally crazy, and I only am sleeping a few hours a night which really has its effects on me. Napping sometimes works but other times my brain just goes nuts and I am up all night not able to sleep
-Went from being normal to being chubby in my waist and middle (clothes don't fit)
-Stopped being able to swallow about one month ago, on a liquid/soft foods diet
-Started having really horrible heartburn to the point that I gag while I'm sleeping and wake up drowning, or so it feels! Am trying different medications to no avail yet.
-:Lose my voice every day as a result of some problem with the the damage to my throat perhaps from the heartburn and being a mom without talking doesn't work well...this has been really hard!
-I can't swallow anymore without a LOT of effort and lots of water with each swallow. Every effort is hard. I choke often and we are worried about aspiration. I try so very hard but I am so limited on what I can eat but swallowing is just so hard/painful now.

-My 2 top Dr.'s aren't sure why I can't swallow. I have seen a specialist for a swallow study and tests have confirmed that indeed, yes, food does not go down when I swallow it, but they attribute it to weak muscles and I did the exercises and there has been no improvement in weeks, in fact it is getting harder to swallow, not easier. I gag on water but apple juice seems to work best.
-My leg has gone completely numb now and so I have a pirate leg now, a peg leg that drags when I walk. It's been this way for a month now so I am getting used to it but it is really hard to walk and every step is a challenge. The numbness is worse some days than others and some days I drag my peg leg but if I leave the house I have to have a cane.
-The steroids have affected my muscle tone and strength in the past week much more than normal. I have to use two hands to pull myself up the stairs as my legs don't have the strength they did before steroids. This happens each time I am on steroids for more than 2 months, it is just compounded by the fact that I can't walk...that wasn't an issue in the past being on steroids.
-Did I mention its really hard to be homebound? I look forward to getting out WHEN I feel good, which isn't often. However I can't drive, I can hardly walk, so I am reliable on everyone else and that has been really hard on me, it always is.
-Oh and on top of all this I have been on chemo treatment orally for weeks and have been feeling really sick. Some days are better than others and I am SOO grateful for the good days. I am weak and nauseated and feel all around crummy which is par for course on chemo.
-So, please don't ask me "How are you doing?" because the answer is not going to be a good one. I really am doing horrible. I am having a very hard time and life has really handed me more than I can handle right now. I struggle each and every day and I pray and I try to stay cheerful and I try to count my blessings.

For today my blessing is that I get to go have an Endoscopy where they will put a scope down my throat, into my esophagugus and down into my small intestine. They are looking to see what is going on with me, do they see a growth in my esophagus, is there something causing the constriction in my throat, why can't I swallow? Why does it hurt so much, is there anything in my lungs, etc. I will get some answers today and I am so grateful. For now count your blessings because believe me, I don't say this much, but your life could be SOO much worse. Here's to answers today!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

BYU Day! Go Cameron!

Last night Aunt Amy and Bella came to see Cameron's last race. It was so fun to have cousins with us for a little while

.I just had to get a photo of me and my AWESOME swimmer boy! I am so proud of him and what a great job he did! He was amazing to watch in the water and I was so grateful to be able to watch him.

Cameron's adoring fan club....

While we had a few extra minutes we took the kids over to BYU campus and went for a gander in the bookstore and took everyone to Jamba Juice for a dinner juice. Notice every one's shirts and how appropriate they are...our true blue fans!!

The boys always love seeing the Cougar...that is a highlight every time we go to BYU. 

Ahhhh.....the Cougar is going to get us!!
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Saturday Swim Meet Photos

It brought back many memories being on BYU's campus yesterday.  Being at the pool reminded me of the days when Scott and I were dating and I used to go watch his races!  Wow that was a loooong time ago!! =)

We just had to get all festive for the occasions and show our BYU spirit..even Kaylie!

Here's a view of the main BYU pool. 

Waiting to cheer Cameron on during his race.

In this closeup you can see Cameron waiting with his relay team buddies for the the race to start.   
Look at that cute little swimmer boy!!

How did Cameron feel about his race?? =) Pretty happy I must say!
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Cameron's Experience at State

Well yesterday our whole family went to BYU to watch Cameron compete in his last day of State. So this time I took my camera so I could get some good photos! So here is a photo dialogue of Saturday!
Here is Cameron's Tsunami team *green caps except Cam doesn't wear a cap* singing their cheer before the race starts.

Cameron gets ready to get up on the blocks for his race.  These photos are from his 100 IM race, a lap of each stroke. 

Here he goes...i had a great view just over the I could see him racing really well, it was awesome!

On your mark, get set, go!!

And he's off doing a lap of butterfly....

now a lap of backstroke...'s favorite and strongest stroke...

Coming in the home stretch on the free style.  Way to go!

Cam coming out of the pool after finishing his 100 IM.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Swim Meet Update

Ok, so Cameron did awesome today!! This morning he swam in the 1oo Free and I was able to be in Provo to see him. It was so fun! He swam his race in 1.15.4 beating his state qualifying time by a whole THREE SECONDS!! That is huge in the swimming realm!!

It was so fun watching him race and seeing him beat his time by such a great length! Now many of the kids in the meet also improved their times on that race and so Cameron didn't make the consolation round this time but we were just so excited about how he improved on his personal best!! Awesome!!

Then in the evening Cameron's relay team, made up of 4 boys on his Tsunami Team, competed. They did a great job and sure seemed to have fun together. It was encouraging to see Cameron so dedicated and excited about being a part of the events of the weekend. I really think it will be a great experience he will look back on.

Tomorrow our whole family is going to the pool to watch Cameron swim his 100 I M. It will be fun to the evening he will have one more team relay as well. It has been a really great experience for Cameron to be a part of this and I am so grateful I was able to watch him race and see him 'in action' finally after all this time!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Evening Update for Cam's Race

Ok, so the results are in!! Cam did a great job at the meet tonight. He shaved some time off his races. So of all the kids that tried out for state, only the top 24 times in each event qualified to make State. So the fact that Cameron made it in any races is awesome!

He placed in the top 24 in 3 events as I mentioned before. So this morning he qualified to race in the the consolation evening races since he made the top 16 times. Tonight was when he raced in the consolation round.

So the top 8 kids from finals raced first. Then the next 8 kids raced in the 2nd heat. Cameron placed 4th in his heat and he was previously in 7th place earlier today so he shaved a little time off and sped ahead of a few other kids!! It was all the same kids, just top 24 earlier today and top 16 tonight.

Cameron's Medley relay team placed 4th overall and Scott said they did awesome! Cameron will swim again tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

Event 1 Update

So Cameron had his first event this morning in the state meet and he did well! He called to tell me about it and he was excited. He competed in the 50 Breast Stroke. He had a time last week of 47.40 and then he got 46.11 today so he beat his time by more than a second. He was excited about was Scott. Cameron placed 13th out of 24 swimmers. The top 8 re-compete tonight. The second top 8 (top 16) re-compete in what they call the "Consolation Round" and so Cameron will be swimming that tonight at 7:30. They will have the top 8 swim against each other and then the consolation swimmers which are the second 8 of the top 16.

Cameron also has his Relay Medley tonight. This is a 200 where 4 kids each swim a lap. Cameron is swimming the last leg of the medley as he was assigned to do the 50 free. So he will be the swimmer bringing home his team on the home pressure there!! that is what the plan is tonight! I will post later how he does on these next events.

Off to the Utah State Swim Meet in Provo

Bright and early this morning Scott and Cameron headed down to Provo for Cam's first state swim meet.  Due to my health and the time commitments we didn't have Cam compete in state last year.  This year we decided to take the plunge although we didn't register him for too many events so as not to overwhelm him. Afterall, he is only 10 years old! 

Cameron was really excited to be able to go to the state meet. He wore his Dad's lucky waterpolo shirt to bed last night.  He was anxious about today though. He is in 3 events and on 3 relay teams.  He had to have state qualifying times in any events he swam in. The qualifying rounds were the past few weeks. He didn't qualify in a few races as his time was too slow and then he DQ'd in one event for not touching the wall fully (Ouch).  However, we are proud of the three events he did make it in.

Here is my little fishy...what a silly boy. The 3 events he is swimming in are the 50 breast stroke, the 100 Freestyle and the 100 Medley.  He will do one event each day.  Then in the evening he will participate in the relay teams.  He is doing the 200 Medley, the 400 free and the 200 free as a team.  Here is to a great weekend for Cam...I will update as I know how his races went!!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dancing Girl

This past year Kaylie has been taking a teen ballet class for girls that are taking dance for the first time. It's a one hour a week class so its really low key and Kaylie is taking it to get a background in dance to help her when she tries out for musical theater.  She realized she enjoys dance more than she thought she would.  At first she was really resistant to the idea.

Kaylie had her first performance on Saturday. She was one of the Maidens in the Cinderella.  It was really memorable for me to watch Kaylie dance and to see all the cute little kids perform. It reminded of my childhood as I started ballet when I was three and danced for 10 years or so. It was really fun to watch the dancers and remember my childhood.

Kaylie received an award last week that she was pretty excited about. It was for Charger of the Month at her Jr. High School.  They choose a few students each month to receive this award and Kaylie got it this month. She will have her photo and a bio posted in the hall in the next week or so.  She was feeling pretty good to get recognized for her good choices!

Our family has been over-run by monkeys! It's really crazy how much our kids are into these Beanie Boo stuffed animals. They are what the kids have been using their allowance money for so they have duplicated lately. Then Dallyn had some Christmas money he used to buy a few more (they are like $5) and so now we seem to have monkeys coming out of our ears!! Here are Dallyn's new little ones. He has these in big size but wanted them in keychains so he could take them on his backpack. 
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