Thursday, July 30, 2009

One week steroids report...

Hi all! Well I figured I should post since I've been on steroids for a week now. A lot has happened in the past week and I'll try to recap for ya here!

*Started on low dose of steroids for about 4 days, still had horrific headaches so I upped the dose slightly and the new dose seems to be doing a MUCH better job of taking care of it--so far anyhow!

*I've been waking up to use the restroom every night and in the morning once I wake up I usually can't go back to sleep but its not at an insane hour or I feel blessed.

*My belly feels a little fuller....i can tell I going to start putting on a little weight, and my skin started breaking out 2 days ago all of a sudden...its happening, but its really mild compared to where I've been so hopefully I can survive the next 6 weeks!!

*We closed on our home on Thursday *yeah* and moved in Friday and Saturday. I had horrible headaches which made life hard but like I said, its getting better.

*Kyler turned 3, I can hardly believe we set up his big boy bed since we bought him a twin sized mattress, he's not my baby anymore.

I'll have to update more next week once we have Internet. We don't have Internet currently so I use Scott's laptop when I can but its hit and miss. I'm grateful such a low dose of steroids is working and I'm grateful to not have such bad headaches. Sure makes unpacking a lot easier!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hopeful & Optimistic....yet many Challenges ahead..

Well today it was confirmed by my Neurosurgeon...I need to go back on steroids. Last fall, being on steroids, that was the darkest and hardest few months of my life and I can only hope that I don't have to experience a HALF of the side effects during the upcoming months.

I've done pretty well with seizures the past month, but the past few days I've had vision problems and issues with headaches that weren't resolved by taking medication. Today, after my MRI, Scott and I were shocked to see how much swelling is in my brain. It looks like close to a fourth of my brain is swollen! It's crazy, really, really crazy. I said I'd never go back on steroids so I think for me I needed to see how bad it really was--comparing January till July--to be convinced that there was no other option.

Dr. Jensen took one look at my scan, turned to me and said "Heidi, you have two either go back on steroids, or I surgically remove the tumor. There are no other options." So I decided to go with the steroids for now.

I'll be on a very low dose so I'm sure hopeful that things will be manageable. I feel so overwhelmed and I'm so scared to go through this again. I feel like I have enough trials and challenges right now and I don't think I can handle anything more, but apparently I have to.

Please keep our family and my tumor in your prayers. I've been given 7 weeks....after which time I'll have another MRI. If that MRI doesn't show improvement then I will have to resort to brain surgery and that is so scary for me.

I'm trying to take it one day at a time and not be too overwhelmed but I hope I have the strength to endure...right now I feel like I want to curl up in a ball and have my problems disappear!!

At least I don't have new any new tumors...gotta look on the bright side right?
Love, Heidi

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

Dallyn was so excited to get Indiana Jones Wii game from Mom and Dad for his birthday!!

Here he is celebrating with brownies and ice cream at Aunt Amy and Uncle Austin's house.
It doesn't get any better than holding this cute cousin!!
Swimming with Dad at the pool was a definite highlight of the day!
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Happy 5th Birthday Dallyn!

Since Mom is so strict about sugar..Dallyn was in Heaven since he got to choose his birthday breakfast!!

His fun Monster card from G and G Wright...thanks!
Dallyn was so excited about having his OWN basketball from Cameron, SWars glasses from Kyler and Tom and Jerry from Kaylie.
Our cool dude practicing for a minute--then I made him go outside! No basketball in the house!! =)
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July 4th

Well on July 4th we hiked up Mt. Timp and celebrated our July Birthdays as I shared we just did a few fireworks back at home. I was pretty worn out after a LONG week of Yellowstone and Family Reunions! Here are the kids with Ryan, Laura and my parents watching fireworks!

They just don't make them like they used to! =)
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SLC Trip

We took a trip to SLC with my family and took a tour of the Church History Museum. Here are the children by the Angel Moroni Statue.

Upstairs in the children's area everyone had a great time, including some adults!! My brother and Laura were practicing in the nursery for when they have their own little one next year!
Kyler enjoyed playing with the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon puzzles.
We went to Olive Garden for dinner (I need to get photos from my dad!!) to celebrate Amy, Laura, Heidi, Dallyn and Kyler's July birthdays. Afterwards we came back to the Hansen's home (our current home( for Banana Cream Pie!) Yummy! Happy birthday to everyone!
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Family Reunion in Ogden

We enjoyed an EF Ralph Reunion in Ogden a few weeks back. Here is our family doing our skit at the campfire.

Kyler with his 'gummy bear mustache'....yes he inherited his silly side from his Dad!
Here is the 'Outlaw' Photo. These are all the people that married into the family. So they aren't the In-Law's...they are the OUTLAWS!! In the front with the ball cap on is my Dad, in the blue stripes is my brother's wife Laura and then in the back left with his ball cap backwards is my Scotty of course. =)
Here's my Mom with 5 of her siblings. Two of her sisters couldn't be there and we missed them, but it sure was great to see the people that came!!
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July Photos

Kaylie finished her first round of tennis lessons and she had a great time!!
Dallyn got a new haircut since he's a big 5 year old now!!
My niece was so excited about the new turtle pants I gave her! Isn't she so darling??
Amy and Heidi on our birthday dinner night celebrating together and admiring their minivan---they traded in their nice truck for a family friendly/gas friendly car...and Amy sure loves it!!! =)
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Wright Family Updates...

By Wednesday July 23rd we should know more about how my tumor is doing. I have MRI #7 at Hunstman on the 22nd so we'll be getting the results back from that.

Next week we should also have news about our house next week will be a busy one for us. Plus my baby turns 3... =(

Love, Scott and Heidi

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farewell Yellowstone

Here are some of the last amazing views as we drove home through the Grand Tetons...

Farewell Yellowstone!!
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Yellowstone Park

Here's all the family at Yellowstone...we missed Uncle Richard who was in Iraq though..and sure wished he could have been with us!

The Wright Family....
One last waterfall before it was time to head home...
Time with cousins was some of the was so great to see you all!!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Old Faithful!

Here it all its glory!! It took awhile for it to erupt..its not as faithful as it used to be a few years back! But it was amazing to watch! =)

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So many great photos!

We saw so many great sights at Yellowstone!! Here are some more photos...
Waiting to see Old Faithful the boys spotted a buffalo!
Isn't this beautiful?? You'd like to think its safe but this water is all boiling and the ground is very dangerous!

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