Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Half November Happenings

Dad celebrated his 28th birthday, (for about the 10th time). He got some great BYU stuff. A few days later he participated in a Master's Swim Meet. He may not have been the fastest in the pool (or even close) but he did get a number of his goal times, which was good because he worked out a ton getting ready for the meet. It was tiring and fun. After the meet Dad took the family out for a "Birthday" lunch, his tradition for the past 20 plus years, and went to Sizzler having the All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp. Yum!

Dad is in the green cap, just under the #5 flag diving in.

Cam also had a swim meet, he is in the top most lane and beat his time by 2 seconds in the 100IM.

Dad and the kids followed nearly the exact same tradition as last year (which we need to change by the way) going to the BYU vs Idaho St. football game in sub-freezing temperatures and snow. Last year there was 6 inches of snow on the benches and covering the whole stadium and it was about 10 degrees. This year was a bit better, about 30, but it was raining/snowing most of the time. The result was amazingly the same, BYU killed them, the stadium was nearly empty by the end, we had great hot chocolate, everyone was bundled up but still cold, and Kyler, again, thought we'd have to amputate his toes because they got so so cold.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Soccer and Dirt Bike Riding

We had the last of the fall soccer season games this Saturday. It has been a good season. DJ's team went undefeated and Dad got to be pretty involved with both teams as assistant coach.

We went dirt bike riding (finally after having bought the bikes 3 months ago) up int he hills behind our home. Kaylie was busy so it was just the boys, but we had a blast. DJ and Cam both road the 80 all by themselves. Kyler loved riding around with Dad.

Halloween Week

 Halloween was a fun week as always. Lot's of sugar, a little more relaxed at school, fun costumes and of course cool pumpkins. Kaylie made a Minion, DJ a BYU Helmet, Kyler Toad from Mario Kart Wii, and Cam the Cannibal.

DJ at the school costume parade.

 Kyler right before trick or treating. Only Kyler and Dallyn went trick or treating, Kaylie and Cam felt too old and too cool to dress up and do so. All the better, less candy around the house, and someone could actually be home all night to hand candy out to those coming by. Of course Dallyn and Kyler got more candy than they know what to do with.

Tuesday night we had the special honor of attending the 100 years of scouting celebration in the conference Center. It was an amazing performance and inspiring to the boys to be more involved in scouts. Here is Cameron, Dallyn and Keynan afterward. So neat to be there with 3 scouts.