Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seal Beach

Over Spring Break we went down to Southern CA to visit Grandma and Grandpa Wright. Here we are at the traditional spot by the Seal at Seal Beach. It's tradition to take a photo here so we had to do that!

Along with that we had to do our traditional visit out to Ruby's for dinner. There is always a great view of the water and the kids really enjoy eating with Grandma and Grandpa at Ruby's. After all it is tradition!

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Cameron's 10th Birthday Pary!

So I blogged last week about Cameron's 10th Birthday and now I'm catching up on his fun party. We do parties every other year in our family and this was Cameron's year for a party so this was a fun year. Cameron had a bunch of his great friends there and it was lots of fun!
He elected to have a Percy Jackson party and so we held the party at a park in Kaysville that had a nice big field for the Olympic games, a cool fort area park structure as well as a really cool ravine area for the battle.

The Happy Birthday Boy!

Kaylie was a big help at the party and she enjoyed participating in the battle as well!

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Gifts and Brownies

Cameron is not a cake boy, he loves brownies so he requested brownies and ice cream for his party. Here he is with some of his friends enjoying opening his gifts. I'm grateful that he has so many great friends here in Centerville!
Star Wars is always a safe bet with Cameron! He is a true blue fan!

Enjoying dessert time!

Buddies of Cam's at the park...

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Olympic Games

Scott planned some fun Ancient Greece Olympic type games to do with the boys. They did discus, shot put and javelin.
Here's Cameron taking his shot at the games....we also did a quiz on the history behind greek mythology which tested the boy's knowledge on the information from the different books. The boys who had read the whole series, like Cameron, did really well!

More Olympic fun...

Kyler enjoyed the party too!

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So part of Cameron's party was having the battles or duels with the other kids. If you are familiar with the Percy Jackson story then this will be make sense to you. Here is Cameron with his party table all set up for Camp Half Blood.
Scott was running the party and here he is instructing the camp on the battle plan and the rules. Each boy was given a sword (water noodle with a PVC pipe in about half of it. If you put it the whole length it is much too hard and we were worried someone would get hurt. Without the PVC they are too flimsyto battle with.) The whole plan was a boys dream though!

After a test run on the baseball field we took the boys down into a ravine area of this park so that they could have their battle. They divided into two teams and they each had to try to get the lighting bolt for their team and get it safely back to the other base without being tagged.

Here is Kaylie and Cameron having a battle with a few of the boys. They had a great time battling, I think the boys could have done this all day. How its that exciting is beyond me! Boys will be boys though!
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday!

Somehow time keeps flying by and Cameron turned 10 this month. I just can't believe it! It seems like yesterday he was starting Kindergarten! Wow! Well here he is on his birthday morning which conveniently fell during spring break so he got to have lots of time to play and enjoy himself!
He started the day out with chocolate chip pancakes and sausage and orange juice..his special request for birthday breakfast.

Usually he gets to choose sugar cereals for his birthday and this year was no exception. He had those the next day. He chose Captain Crunch, Trix and Lucky Charms. Mom cringes at having to buy these but it sure makes it special for birthday morning breakfast!!

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Cam's Gifts

Here are some photos of Cam with the gifts he gave his siblings....Kyler has the cutest smile here! Cameron was excited to add this one to his collection of scripture heroes.
He got a shirt from Dallyn....Star Wars of course!

Continuing with the theme...a Star Wars beach towel from Kaylie...Mom found this at Pottery Barn very cool!! Couldn't pass this up!!

Then the fun gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Black...some more heroes and a fun facts book...amazing tidbits to read in this book!! Cameron got some great gifts for his birthday!

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A new bike!

This seems to be the year for bikes in our family! Up to this point we hadn't bought a bike for any of our children. They all had hand me down bikes. Cameron's was pretty sad and really too small for him, so now he has a bike that is his size and will be passed down from him to his little brothers and I'm sure it will get a lot of use! Cam is going to have fun this spring and summer outdoors!
He also got a Nijnago lego set from Mom...i got that before I knew we were giving him a bike. He has had that on his wish list for months. He was pretty excited about that!

He has the cutest expressions!!

Ready to Ride!!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

After the Backsplash!

Here is a close-up of the new backsplash! LOVE IT! We have since changed the plugs to be all creme too and it looks a lot better since everything blends in really well!! The backsplash is a combination of travertine, tumbled tile and glass mosaic pieces. I just LOVE the squares and the greenish tiles are the exact color of our walls so it is just awesome how well it matches!!!
Here are a few more photos of the finished product!! We just love our new kitchen!! The backsplash just gives it that added character and POP of color!! =)

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Kitchen Before Backsplash

Well I am really behind on blogging since I have had both computer issues, fatigue issues and being out of town issues, so I am trying to get caught up some today. Here I am posting the photos of my kitchen before and after the backsplash! It is all very exciting and I LOVE the new kitchen...the backsplash just makes it pop! It really is awesome! So, here are the before photos....

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Time For Stamping!

On April 2nd I took some time and did some stamping. It has been a really long time since I have done anything so it was really fun to stamp while I watched General Conference. Here is my project table as I was getting started!
Here is my table 'during' the card making. I stamped 50 cards using the Breast Cancer Awareness stamps I have. I wanted to make some cards for my good friend that is going through chemo right now. So I sent her a bunch of cards she can use as thank you cards to give her friends and family. Then I kept 25 of them for myself since I seem to be really short on cards and I need them quite often too! =)

Thanks to Pam for helping me cut all the ribbon for my 50 bows and to Scott for helping me cut all the cardstock. It was a group effort but we got the 50 cards done! Yea! =)

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Welcome Home Dad!

The kids were really excited to have Dad back (so was Mom..I can't even tell you how much!) and they made some cute posters and things to welcome Dad home after his trip to China, Singapore and Australia. They did these really cute "Wanted" signs with information and photos of Scott. I should have taken more close up photos. But these were their "What has happened to our dad?" faces, it was really funny.
Then a photo with everyone when Dad came home. It is great having him home. Scott used to travel a lot more when we lived in CA but since our Utah days he has hardly gone away on business. It is more exciting for him to travel and go to great places (Yes I will be blogging GREAT WALL OF CHINA photos eventually) but the family sure misses him when he is gone. So we are happy to have him home

Dallyn is really into basketball these days and has been telling me he wants to play for BYU when he gets older. He practices basketball every day and counts how many shots he can do before he misses one. It is very cute. He really is a determined boy and he tries really hard to work and work and work at it. I know he will go far in life with this attitude!

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