Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last Week of Sept 2013

Well the first big news is that we have a major change in the weather. Tuesday was in the 80's and by Thursday we had snow capped maountains and highs int he 40's. Brrrrr. It warmed back up to the 70's by Sat. but fall is upon us.

Cameron went to a court of honor this week and boy was he honored. He was recognized for 3 Scout rank advancements, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class, a Camp badge for Camp Lol and 6 merit badges. He had a goal to get 5 this summer and got 6. Great job Cam.

Then there is the Star Wars geek side of the Family. So Saturaday, just for fun, some co-workers of mine filmed a Star Wars baseball YouTube video they hope will be a big hit. How could we pass up a chance to be extras in it. So we went down to Orem for most of the day and were extras int he film shoot. Kaylie was Leia and a Sith. Cameron and Dallyn were Jedi, Kyler was Lord Vader and Dad was a Jedi and Darth Maul. It was a lot of fun and hopefully the video turns out. When it is done and posted I will let you know. But for now here are some fun pics.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rivalry Weekend

Well this was a big weekend for college football fans in Utah. The big rivalry show down between the University of Utah Utes and the BYU Cougars. The trash talk and antics leading up to the game have become a fun tradition for us. My boss is a big Ute fan, see what we did to his car at work ... big improvement right.

For some Ute fan neighbors we added this sign, a blue painted Darth Vader face and a bunch of blue painted stuffed animals to their front porch.

They in turn returned the favor by placing a bunch of red U and Ute signs in front of our house and garage, and repainted the Vader mask red. Looks better blue don't you think.

And then best of all, Ver Lyn and I actually went to Cougar stadium and watched the game with 80,000 other rivalry crazed fans. It was super fun to be there, even though the Cougs did not live up to expectation. 4 years in a row and counting now they have lost to the Utes, that means 4 years I have worn a red shirt to work the next day :(. Oh well.
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Mid September 2013

The past two weekends have been full and busy, but a lot of fun.

Friday night was our Ward's Father and Sons outing, up to Lost Creek Reservoir. We had fun around the fire and fishing (even caught a nice 11 inch brook trout) and being with great friends. It did turn very cold (upper 30's) which surprised us all a bit. 

Last Saturday we had a Yard Sale. It was a lot of effort to prep for but was great to get rid of a lot of unused stuff and even make a little on the side. It was a big success.

Dallyn and Kyler continue strong in soccer. I don't have any pics of Kyler playing as I have had to substitute coach the past two games, but he is having fun. Dallyn continues to be amazing, nothing gets past him when he is a defender. He is like Gandolf "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Kaylie's 14th Birthday

Kaylie, our little girl, turned 14 this week. Yes 14! She can now go to dances, advanced to Mia Maids and is quite the Teenager.

Here she is at 6 months old.

Seven Years.

And now 14!

For her birthday she got a microphone with a stand and yes ...

A guitar. She wants to learn how to play a guitar.
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Soccer starts again

With another school year here comes another round of soccer. Kyler and Dallyn are both playing again this year. Despite the same colored uniforms, they are actually on different teams, but they think it is neat they are the same colors. Dallyn's team won their first game and Kylers played real well but came up one goal short.
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Labor Day (ish) Activities

On Labor Day Dad woke up feeling ambitious and decided to do a Sprint Triathlon in Bountiful. Despite not training as much as he normally would have liked to, he still took 14th (out of about 400) and was the third fastest at the swim. He said it hurt some, but was a lot of fun and great to just get out and do something. It was unfortunately his only triathlon this year ... just too much else going on.


For a family night we went to a skate park and the kids had fun riding skateboards, scooters, roller blades and rip sticks.

Vera Lyn and I went to the Utah State Fair on a date. It was neat to see many of the creative artwork and crafts. These were my favorite sewing projects :)

Sunday night we went to Logan for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Postoian. We also headed over to a nearby lake and feed the ducks.

Cameron also had a blast going to Comic Con on Saturday with some friends. He saw a lot of neat things and neat actors. Kaylie went to a Stake YW standards event on Saturday and said that was real neat and a lot of fun. And Dallyn and Kyler both tried out and made it into the School Play. They are doing the Little Mermaid this year, performances in early December. Dallyn is the Captain of the ship and a Sea Creature and Kyler is a Sailor and a Sea Creature. We have been hearing "Under the Sea" an awful lot lately. Should be fun.
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