Friday, June 24, 2011

First Family BBQ of the Summer

Well we had our first family BBQ of the summer last weekend. We knew our life was going to get really busy over the next month so we needed to jump on the opportunity to get together. It was a bit chilly and didn't really feel like summer but it was great to be together. We missed Jason and Allison as they were preparing to move into their new place but here's the gang that was able to make it.
Tyler eating his BBQ yummies...



Kyler with a mouthful....YUM!

Having fun eating with cousins....

That's what summer is for!! Backyard BBQ's!

Kaylie enjoyed pushing Tyler around in our little toy car and Cam taught Bella how to ride plasma cars! We had a great time together!

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Swimming with Cousins

Bella is often asking her Mom if she can go play at Auntie Heidi's house. She wants to come play in my backyard and it is so exciting for her since they live in a condo unit without a yard.

So it was so fun to have the Randalls come for a little swim time in our ever exciting pool. No, seriously, they were thinking it was the best thing ever.
Even Kyler...can you see, he is wearing GOGGLES!! What a silly boy! Since he is in swim class he takes his goggles there. Somehow I don't think this pool is big enough to need goggles!!

Abby loves baths so this was just too fun for her!!

She had a blast collecting all the balls. Too bad it wasn't a bit warmer!

Bella and buddies!

Amy watching the excitement while holding Hayley.

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Abby and the Slide

Abby so enjoyed playing on our slide....these photos speak for themselves!!

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Kyler's Preschool Graduation

I was so very sick on chemo the day of Kyler's preschool graduation and almost missed going but just couldn't miss out!! So I was grateful Scott was able to drive us both there for Kyler's special day.

I love my Kyler so very much. He is such a joy and I love being his mother!
Kyler led everyone in the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the graduation. Here he is wearing his cute Grad cap. He is so very excited to start school. I am just sad that is is growing up since just yesterday he was my little Kyler. I hope to keep him little as long as I can!

The other children in his graduation class...these photos were taken from Scott's video camera and the lighting wasn't the best..sorry!

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A day in Cabo San Lucas

Ok, I am still catching up on the rest of my cruise photos! So here are the ones from Day 1 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. That morning we relaxed a bit and the boys enjoyed hanging out in the kids cabin. Since my kids were missing school I had them take opportunities to read on the trip. Here's Cam reading Percy Jackson in luxury!
Then the boys got ready to hit the road..or actually in this case the we disembarked in Cabo.

Cameron was especially excited to see the crabs hanging around.

We took a tour on a glass bottom boat which the children thought was so fun. We really did see some great fish through the glass but the photos wouldn't turn out so great

Scott was enjoying the tour and being in the water, his true home!!

There were some beautiful arches and stone elements we saw on our tour...Scott could tell you all about them. I can't remember any of the nitty gritty details, sorry!

A bunch of seals out sunbathing!

I loved watching my children take in all the splendor of the day! We were so lucky to be able to take this fabulous vacation!!

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Lovers Beach

Here are some more photos from our water taxi tour around Lovers Beach. We got a close up of a seal snoozing on the rocks.
The rock formations were just beautiful!! I can't remember what this one was called..its been too long since our trip now I have forgotten.

A different angle and you can see so much more of the water in this photo!!

Scott took the kids for a little hike and they found this little beach.

Another shot...boy this day was hot! I found a spot in the shade of overhanging rocks but really was hot that day and I just couldn't handle being in the sun. My kids sure didn't mind it though!

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Beach Fun!

One of the days we were in Cabo the kids had some time to spend playing on the beach! Kyler was loving it...burying his feet and legs in the sand.
Playing Frisbee with Dad...

The older kids pose for a photo...

The kids wanted me to get a photo of this neat 'pirate ship' that came through while we were at the beach.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Pirate Night Tonight!

Well I am still catching up on cruise you get a few updates here and there in between our everyday life stuff!

So, one of the great highlights of our trip was the Pirate night! Dallyn was SO excited to meet Jack Sparrow. He has talked about it so much since. We actually bought a photo of our family with Jack Sparrow and it's in the boys bedroom. So it really was a trip highlight!
We were in Animator's Palate that night, which is my favorite restaurant on the ship! It was so cool how the paintings changed throughout the evening. By the end of the night the entire restaurant was full of color, like a paint palate. It was really awesome! Here are some photos of our family on this fun evening!!

Look how cute this menu was!! Every night they had different menus and they were always so creative and fun. I just love Disney!!

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