Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kyler's Soccer

Kyler is back in soccer this year again. More for the social interaction with his friends on the team than the thrill of the sport. As his friends mature, several of them are getting very skilled at soccer and have an significantly increased drive to score and win. Not Kyler, he is happy to just run around and chat with his friends, perfectly content to let others kick and score. (His social desires and talkative nature sure do remind me of his Mother.) He has started playing goallie, which he likes a lot because it has less running involved.

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Grandpa Wright

As a child I would often visit my Grandparents Wright, who lived a few blocks from us in Long Beach, CA. They both passed away about 10 years ago in their late 90's. One of the very memorable features of their home was a drawing my Grandpa got when he retired from McDonald Douglas Aircraft of him with his two dogs and some of his grandchildren. This picture was hung above the sofa and was something all of their grandchildren came to remember and love. My sister now has the picture and as she is moving to Colorado, I snapped a picture of it to preserve.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heidi Randall

Late last week, Heidi's (my wife Heidi) younger sister Amy gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl. She named her Heidi. What a great honor that is for the bigger Heidi, and how special it will be for many years to come to remember the older Heidi each time we interact with this new precious one. For those who are counting, that makes 4 "girlies" for the Randall's, poor Austin is going to have to buy a lot of pink motorcycles.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crazy Football Fans

Some people take these football rivalry games way too serious. Especially the Wrights in Centerville. This past weekend BYU played the University of Utah, and there was plenty going around. Our home was decorated for the Cougars both in and out. Below is Kyler and his friend Carter all decked out. Go Cougars!


8 foot tall pink and blue Y made by the Scott Wright family (BYU fans) placed on the Lee Wright (Ute fans) home. They felt they improved it (below), but then it only looked good with our kids by it.


The other Wrights kindly returned the favor to our home. 

Of course BYU had to lose the game, in a most tragic way. And thus I had to eat humble pie at work. 
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Monday, September 10, 2012

First Week of School

Among other things, the kids started school again this past week. Kaylie 8th grade, Cameron the big 6th grader, Dallyn 3rd grade (1st year in an accelerated honers class) and Kyler in 1st grade. They all have great teachers (Heidi had a lot of high pressure discussions with administrators shortly before she passed away to ensure the kids got in the best classes possible.) They are very excited to be back in school, playing with friends and learning (homework not so much.) We also had Angie start as an after school care giver, coming in for the few hours between school getting out and Dad getting home from work. Angie is 20 year old daughter of a family friend and seems to fit in really well in our home.

Dallyn received his Bobcat award in cub scouts, good job DJ.

Kaylie celebrated her 13th birthday this week. She had a fun breakfast, diner with the family at Zuppas, a new pair of Rollerblades and a "late night" with 10 friends watching a movie and having fun. 

This past weekend was our annual ward campout in the Uinta Mountains. We had a great time playing and visiting with friends and went on hike, shown below, up a massive stone staircase someone had built.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Richard in North Carolina

I was able to visit my older brother Richard, who lives outside Raleigh North Carolina, for a few days this past wee, thanks mostly in part to good friends and family who volunteered to help out with my kids. My kids had a blast playing with friends and cousins to end their summer break. I had a good time visiting and assisting my brother and his family. They are a great bunch and we wish they lived closer.