Sunday, August 30, 2009

Steriods Are Real

Well, as much as I'd like to think I'm not really on steroids, the reality is that I am. Last week things became challenging for me on the steroids so I backed off my dosage a bit. The past four days have been miserable so after one episode I upped my dosage but it has yet to kick in.

I don't want to live with the side effects but the headaches I've had the past 3 days have been unbearable. Today I was in bed sobbing for 3 hours, it was horrific. I had a seizure on Friday and another one in the middle of the night on Sat.

Typing is really hard for me so I'm going to stop writing now. More later.
Love, Heidi

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flying High!

One of Kyler's favorite parts of the museum was the Helicopter! There were realistic sounds of a helicopter taking off and landing so he thought it was so amazing!! Here are the boys inside...

Cam in the drivers seat...
Dallyn rides in back....
This was neat....Cam gave a talk in church last week and this was the scripture he chose to talk about! So when we went to the visitor's center and it was printed on the wall we just had to take a photo of Cameron by it!!
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Museum Shots

The kids really had fun at the museum last weekend and I got lots of are a few more!! Dallyn working at the cash register...he was so cute to watch!

Cam rock climbing...
Cam building a house...
My little engineers...they were working hard trying to build the best track!!
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More Museum Photos

Here are some more photos from the fun museum trip....the Mouse House!!

The water ways...
Driving along in their shiny red car...
In the farm truck....
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Masters Swim Dinner

Scott has joined the Masters Swim Group at the Rec Center here. Last week there was a dinner at the Rec Center for the Masters Swim Group and their families. Here are Kaylie and Cam enjoying the pirate ship!

Dallyn was very proud that he learned how to float on his back!

Scott played some inner tube water polo for a bit...nothing like the REAL game though!
Kyler and Mommy looking for 'treasure' coins during the kid's treasure hunt in the pirate ship pool!! We had a fun time! =)
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jana's Visit!

My great friend Jana came to visit last weekend and brought her son Cedric with her, who is Kyler's friend. We had a great time!! Here we are in front of my new home. We used to be neighbors in CA..=(

I took them to see some of the neat things at Temple Square. The large statue of Christ is something I always remembered from my childhood so I wanted them to see that. Here are all of us!
The boys and I in front of the temple (Kaylie was off spending the day with her cousin visiting from back east).
My handsome boys....
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More fun with Cedric!

It was so fun having Cedric visit for a few days! Kyler and Ced could have played trains for days down in the basement and I think only around nap time would we even hear a peep out of them!! Here are the two train boys!

Busy at work...chugging away!
We took the kids to the Discovery Gateway Museum in SLC. Their favorite part was the plastic balls play they are putting balls up the vacuum chute!!
We went up to eat at the Garden Room Restaurant in SLC since it has such a great view of temple square. Here are the kids and the amazing view!!
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The Play Room

Time for more before/after photos! The day we moved in was Kyler's birthday and here was his fun helicopter present!! The kids have enjoyed it!

Here' s the unpacked and well stocked PLAY ROOM now! We took the wall canvas and Play Room letters from CA and hung them back up.
We still need to hang up the star artwork wire underneath the playroom sign, as well as the curtains, but that'll come in the next few months. I'm just excited to have the rooms coming together!
Here's a view from the Entertainment area of the basement looking back to the Play Room. The previous owners had the Play Room as an exercise niche so there isn't a door/closet,, its just open, so it works great for toys. The white door Kyler is standing by is a 1/2 door for playing under the stairs. The kids love that! Next to that is the toy/game closet which is also great storage. We love having a basement!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School----or On to a New School

It's hard to say "Back to School" when this is a new school for my kids. Kaylie said something today about the "Welcome Back to Centerville Elementary" signs that were up. She said its not welcome back for us! It's more of just Welcome!

Here is my sweet kindergarten boy with his new backpack!

My handsome 3rd grader....didn't HE just start Kindergarten??? Where does the time go?
My very anxious for school 5th grader....she's her mother's daughter thats for sure!!
The school kids...all ready to go!! We hope they have a great school year!!
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My Kindergartner!

My Kindergartner is so excited to go to school! Here he is waiting in line. As it turns out, the Kindergartners only go to school today and then they have testing on Wed but they don't come back to school till next week! Dallyn is so bummed...he thought he'd get to go to school all week! I'm going to line up some play dates for him though so he won't be too sad.
Hanging up his backpack by his name!
Sitting on the rug waiting for the teacher to come welcome the kids....
Here are my three kids waiting for school to start...what a big day! New school year, new school, new everything! It's an adventure!!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cam's First Pack Meeting

Since Cam just turned 8 in April and then our life was a whirlwind with moving and all that, he just now is having his first pack meeting. His pack did the flag ceremony and the boys are all in shorts because they had water games after the awards!
Here Cameron is receiving his Bobcat Award...
Pinning the pin on Mom...I guess this will be the first of many "mother pins' for Scouting..this is all new to me. Scott was just called to be the Weeblos leader so he will be busy with that starting this next week!
Kaylie went to a friend's home and made banana she is with her beautiful creation!
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