Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013 - A great week

This has been a very fun and happy week for us. The kids were off Monday and Tuesday from school so we got to spend some extra time together. They even spent all day Tuesday at Orabrush. They helped out in the warehouse sorting brushes by color, the built forts and colored on boxes, even drove/rode on the fork lift.

There were some tougher parts to the week, scary frozen rain/ice storm and the remembrance of Heidi's passing as we crossed the 9 month mark. But overall the family is healthy, happy, doing well and many things are falling wonderfully into place.

 Dallyn and Kyler loved sliding down an ice covered slide.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013

A pretty average week in the Wright home. Frigid, lows around 0 highs in the teens, but average. The kids finished another term of school on Friday, so a lot prep went into being sure all work was completed and turned in. Now they get Monday and Tuesday off.

Sunday night our Stake held a youth fireside to kickoff preparation for the summer hand cart Trek even we will be holding at Martin's Cove WY. The stake leaders asked Kaylie to sing an inspirational song that went along with our them, about "Come Take Your Place." It was another Hillary Week's song, and much like she did when she sung for Heidi's funeral service, Kaylie was phenomenal and there were many tear filled eyes in the 300 plus congregation.

A cousin of mine is reselling some cool sleds and wanted my boys to be models on them going down a hill. They had a blast.
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13

It has been a long and cold few days in Utah. Tonight is suppose to hit 0 degrees. Between Thursday night and Saturday morning we received well over 2 feet of snow, the most in that short amount of time I and any of my neighbors have ever experienced. The kids have loved it, building forts, sledding and so forth and especially loved that schools were closed on Friday due to all the snow. They asked tonight is there was still too much snow for school to open tomorrow. Though there still is a  lot of snow, it is no longer falling.

Cameron had a swim meet on Friday, he swam the 50 free, 100 breast and 50 back. He took almost two seconds off of some of his times and got a lot closer to qualifying for the March State Championship meet again. He is training real hard fro the next few months hoping to get in. Cameron also had his priesthood preview fireside tonight. I can hardly believe he is almost old enough to hold the priesthood and pass the Sacrament in Church. There are seven boys turning 12 this year in the Ward and they should have a lot of fun and be a great support to each other over the coming years.

We went to visit Heidi's grave today and to our surprise a few feet away, trying to stay warm and dry, six dear had taken up shelter in the cemetery. The kids thought that was so neat.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Cold ending to 2012

It has remained bitterly cold here in Utah for the past few weeks, lows in the single digits at nights and highs in the teens during the day. The kids enjoyed the few days off school, though much of it was spent at my sisters working on our remodeling project there. That project is now done, one picture is below of the kitchen we put in. It turned out fairly well despite some mishaps and lack of real professional labor and oversight (I am a far cry from either.)

We did celebrate the New Year playing games with several friend's families from about 8pm til just after midnight. Cameron below is competing in a crab race. It was a fun time and the kids loved yelling, screaming and banging on pots and pans at the stroke of 12. On the way home (now about 12:30am) the asked Dad "Can we watch a movie when we get home". Oh to be young and have all that energy. (Dad of course did not concur.)

On to a bright and hopeful 2013. 
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