Monday, November 22, 2010


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A few CA memories...

Kyler and Kyle wearing their twinner jammies and eating ice cream..what is with the SMILE Kyler??
Here's a real smile when he was holding Corduroy, the class bear!!
Who is this old man?? Do you recognize him?? He's almost 35 in this photo so I really mean he is OOLLD!! =)
It was fun to spend time in CA with some friends to celebrate Scott's birthday!! Happy 35! Where has all the time gone?? =)
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Stay Away from this door!!

Doesn't this very thick steel door make you want to stay away?? For some reason I voluntarily subject myself this pain and suffering that comes from behind this door again and again!!! Since I can't seen to stay away I find myself going through my THRID radio surgery in two years time just this past week! I must just be loving this!! =) (Not!)
Here is me by the linear accelerator which is the machine we are hoping will save my life!! =)
Scott too this photo looking up into that big machine. This is what the first field that they radiate in my head looks like! It's pretty amazing stuff! How lucky I am to have such good doctors and to be able to take advantage of such great advances in science!
Radiation Oncology is the Department I "Graduated" from this past week. Funny thing, I graduated 2 1/2 years ago from that Department already!!! For some reason I had to return again so I guess I really didn't pass! =)! Although my last graduation was for 6 weeks of chest wall radiation and this was for 5 days of Brain Radiation so it was definitely different!
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Does this look like fun?

You have to remember that I have major issues with claustrophobia so no matter how much it looks like I can breathe through this, it does not FEEL like that when you are wearing the mask.
Here I am all strapped down to the table almost ready to go. Even when I open my eyes it is too tight for me to see anything through the mask. And the eyelashes are drawn on, so they aren't real! Funny huh?
This is the final photo shot once they put the black frame over me, another positioning device,,,scary!
Here is a photo of my brain that Scott took when he was taking a look at things when they let him tour the room. There is my head with the great plan of attack all mapped out!!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Visiting Family in California

Last week we took a long weekend trip to California to visit family and friends. Sunday we spent the day with my parents and grandparents and the kids and Scott. We had a Thanksgiving style dinner which was really yummy. It was in Scott's honor since that is his favorite meal and it was his birthday!

We took a four generation photo which was fun! Here we are, Kaylie, Mom (Heidi) Grandma Black and Great Grandma Black!
Here's a photo of me with my Grandparents!! I grew up with them living in Livermore my entire life so now that we live in Utah it is sad to me that we don't get to be together as often. I love spending time with them!! We love you both so much Grandma and Grandpa!!
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Scott's Birthday!

Well Scott had a birthday this weekend that puts him on the downward side of 30 so I just have to tease him about turning old! =) He wasn't feeling well on his birthday but we celebrated a bit anyhow! Here is one of his fav cards from Brian and Angee!
Then the whole family with Daddy..this was a book that he had really wanted, he is so into history stuff. To me its just too much details, but he loves it!
His other book was a detailed book about the Millennium Falcon so that was fun for all the boys to study, a must have for the Wright family collection!!
Great Grandma Black made a yummy berry cobbler and we enjoyed our time together. It was sure great to be together as a family!! =) Happy Birthday to my Love!
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Radiation Has Begun

Well I started Radiation this week and I'm in the midst of it. I've had 3 treatments down and three more to go..YEAH! So I'm halfway. I'm so blessed to only have to deal with the trauma of this all for a few more days. We are praying hard that THIS TIME it will work! I met with my Radiation Oncologist today and he said that they want to re-scan me in 6 weeks. They don't feel like they will be able to tell anything before then since the effects of the radiation will still be working then. He told me in about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks from now my hair will fall out---the rest that hasn't already come out, so I'll have to be prepared for that.

So all in all, I'm doing well. I'm super tired and feeling a little bit 'de ja vu' like, "Didn't I just do this before???" and that sort of feeling. Anyhow, it is going well and I'm so grateful for the rides and meals and help I am getting from so many loved ones! Thanks so much!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Girlies

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with the girls while Amy and Austin got away for a night for their Anniversary. I took a few photos of the darling girls in their monkey pajamas I gave them this past spring! =) Isn't Bella darling?
Kaylie and Bella....favorite cousins! =)
I managed to get Abby to hold still for just a second to snap a photo of the twinner qirls!! So cute!
Bella was playing in her sister's's a cute smile! I love these overalls she is wearing..they were KAYLIES 10 years ago! Can you believe that?? =)
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Halloween Parade

Centerville Elementary has a Halloween parade every year and this year I was able to go (last year I was recovering from surgery). It was fun to see the kids and many of their friends and teachers dressed up for the occasion!
Here is Dallyn..he was the leader of the whole parade! Lucky Dallyn!
Then Cam the man...
This was the other morning...Dallyn made himself these paper glasses and has been wearing them a lot. He is such a cute boy and he makes me smile.
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More Halloween Fun!

I wanted to share a few more photos from our Halloween festivities! Here's our Kyler boy trying out his lasso! =)
Kaylie and her favorite cousin trick or treating on Main Street!!
The whole group of them at Dick's Market for trunk or treating!
Kaylie was just a LITTLE bit excited about all the candy she ended up with!! =) It was a fun Halloween here and so nice that Utah observes it on Saturday, that made it really fun for my kids!
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More Kitchen Developments!

Can you see the lights under the cabinets illuminating the counter tops?? I LOVE these!!
Here they are on the other wall....yes our counter top is still not finished, I can not get them to return my calls!!
I am in LOVE with this dishwasher! Yes, the stainless is great, but what I LOVE is the fact that it is a WHIRLPOOL GOLD like we had in California. I sure loved that dishwasher so now 1 1/2 years later we have one again!! Happy day!
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