Sunday, January 19, 2014

Last few weeks

It seems like a lot has happened over the past few weeks though not many photos have been taken to show them, but here are some highlights. Kyler was MVP of his class. This meant Dad could come in and read to the class and have lunch with Kyler. He certainly is an MVP. Kyler also went to his Baptism Preview today. Yes Kyler will turn 8 this year and be baptized, I can't believe it. I can hear his Mom saying right now, through choked tears, "I can't believe my baby is old enough to get baptized this year." I am certain she will not miss this event.

Dallyn did a fun Science project where he timed a snow board to see if it would go fastest with weight in the front, middle or back. His hypothesis was that in the back would be fastest as the front would then be raised. He was wrong, the middle was fastest as it traveled much straighter with the weight evenly balanced.

Cam is still swimming hard and often as well has hanging out with friends and quickly becoming a proficient drummer.

Kaylie went to her first Youth Dance as a 14 year old, yes she matures a lot every day.

Dad, still spends a lot of time in Utah county ... work and a certain love interest, Vera Lyn, both happen to be there.

We also were sorting through some keepsakes and the kids came across Mom's old record player. They were quite intrigued.

We went ice skating Saturday with several families from the ward, that was fun, but boy it hurts your feet.

Christmas Break

Over Christmas Break we did a number of real fun things including spending time with Grandpa and Grandma Black, Classic Fun Center, Get Air and seeing Frozen (multiple times)

Christmas Caroling


A few weeks ago we went to very steep park in Bountiful and went sledding with some friends. It was a blast. The snow was very sticky as you can see in the pics. Dallyn and Cameron practiced snowboarding a lot and both got it down pretty well.