Monday, August 30, 2010

Six Weeks Post-Op

Well, as you may have realized I haven't posted in about 3 1/2 weeks. It was just so hard for me to sit up and type without making spelling mistakes that I decided to take a break for awhile. I'm finally getting better **Yeah!** and I think I may once again be able to function as a Mom. I'm still recovering and I'm still not driving, cooking, cleaning or taking care of my children much of the time, but I am getting better. Little by little I get to spend more time with them which is great!

I take a nap every day but only once instead of 2 or 3. I'm still having headaches every day but they are manageable with IBProfen. I can't get them to go away completely, but I can manage as long as I take breaks to lie down and give my head a break. I'm grateful to be off the strong pain meds!!

I'm now off of steroids too--FINALLY!!--and I'm off my seizure meds too! I'm so glad to not be on so many drugs and guess what? I feel better and have more energy now!! Go figure!!

There isn't much else to say for now..thanks to my Mom who came to stay with me for a few weeks after Surgery, and to Carol (Scott's Mom) who came for a week and to Scott's Dad who stayed for a few weeks and to my dear friend Jana who came last week for my easing back into life week and to my Brother in Law Brad who is here this week! I'm so grateful for all your help! And to all my friends who have been so supportive as well! I appreciate you!
Love, Heidi

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three Week Post Op Update

Well its now been a little over three weeks since my surgery. Today is Sunday and I'm a bit better than I was last Sunday since I am now on treatment for being anemic. I have a little more energy, meaning I only take three naps instead of 5 in a day! Seriously! It takes all my energy just to sit and blog, I can't imagine how I will ever be a mother and handle normal life again!

One of the hardest challenges of this recovery is how little improvement I see from day to day. I see only marginal improvement from last Sunday and last time I had surgery the day to day was hard to see, but the week to week was obvious, so this has been really hard. I just wish I could see more improvement in some small way on a day to day basis. Maybe that will come this week?

I am just barely starting to feel up to reading little bits at a time, most of the time its too hard on me mentally to focus long enough to read, I wish I could!! I can watch movies now easier, before I was only able to listen to them so that's one improvement I suppose!

Well, there isn't much else to say in this update....since there really isn't much to update you about, except to say that I am still spending 99% of my time in bed and I can't wait to get better!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lake Fun!

The boys just had so much fun at the lake..I can't believe how content they were just to dig and play in the sand for hours!

Some of the girls...just tubing around!
I can't even tell you how many juice boxes Kyler drank that day....he had a blast too!
Here's Tyler taking a turn with his girls on the Seadoo! What a fun day...I can't wait to go next summer!! It sure beats this staring at the walls business I'm currently so fond of!! (not really...but it seems I have no choice)
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More Lake Fun!

Well as some of you know I was really trying to pack in as many fun activities with my children as I could schedule before I had surgery on July 16th. One of the fun things we did that I haven't blogged about yet is that we went to the lake with the Williams and Doelling families. It was so much fun to spend the day together. We took our Seadoo and it was the first time for most everyone to try their hand at the Seadoo. Everyone had a great time!
Meghan and Gretel take a ride on the Seadoo....Meghan loved it and said she'd enjoy having one of her own someday..they really are more fun than least we agreed so!
Lyndi and Kaylie took a turn in the tube....
Cherise, Meghan and Heidi....aka The girls...we enjoyed visiting on the beach and watching our kids play!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday!

Well due to illness in my family and busy schedules we didn't get to have our traditional birthday celebration for my and Amy's birthdays this year, so that was sad. But I celebrated with my kids when we went to the canyon.

Then we drove down to Bridalveil Falls with the kids and continued on to Provo to meet Amy and Austin for dinner. So we did get a belated birthday celebration with Amy. That was fun...even though it was quick. Amy and Austin just found out they are having another baby girl in that is very exciting!! They will have three I get to find outfits in threes that match! Fun fun for Auntie Heidi!!

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Fun with Friends

Kyle and Kyler...

Angee and I...
Brad and Cameron
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Best Friends

Ok so I've had enough of depressing blog posts about my staring at the walls and not getting better. Today I decided to pull up some photos I haven't had a chance to blog yet and get them posted. My head is just throbbing but since it always hurts I'm just going to post anyhow!!

Our wonderful friends the Wangsgards came to visit from CA last month. They only got to visit for a few hours but it was so fun to spend time with them! We sure miss them! Here is Julia and Dallyn...

Kyle and Kyler....
Kaylie and Sarah...
Julia and Dallyn again...
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Monday, August 2, 2010


Well its Monday and I am now 2 weeks post surgery. I am very weak and unable to do much of anything, but I'm hoping that the next few days will be better. Over the weekend I went backwards quite a bit and that has been discouraging. I can hardly sit up right now and I am very, very weak. I'm wondering if I am anemic or something? I spoke to my nurse this morning and she reiterated that my recovery will be a lot slower this time around since its my second craniotomy in 9 months, plus it was more invasive. But I still want to get some blood work done just to make sure something else isn't wrong.