Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cabo San Lucas etc.

Here are some more of my simple scrap pages you can look at from our Cabo San Lucas day. It was such a pretty day!
The weather was awesome....here is a photo of half of our veranda out on our deck....talk about luxury! We were so lucky to be able to take this trip!!

These are some photos of the kids having fun at the pool! First the girls in their cute cover ups ready to go to the pool for a dip! Then the boys swimming in the pool and Kyler with a bunch of kids stuffed in the Hot Tub. It was really fun for the kids to watch movies on the giant screen too!

The girls and I got matching hats when we were in Cabo San Lucas...aren't we styling?

I was SO proud of my Dallyn! He went Para sailing! He loved it, I NEVER could had done that! My dad got to go for the first time too which was really fun for him. Here you can see him looking at the clouds on his way up! Whew!! These photos I got from the para sailing company's face book page. I wasn't anywhere close enough to see what they were seeing so I was glad to get these photos!

Here are a few random pages, I am still not finished with the journaling yet....one of Kaylie and Emma at the theater and some on formal night with Minnie.

The kids hanging out in a porthole window and more photos with characters and at the shows.

Cameron and Grandpa did a pinewood derby type adventure where they had to make cars out of carrots and potatoes. It was quite fun and Cameron's ended up really cute, even though it didn't win the race. They sure have some fun activities for kids to do on the boat! I LOVE cruising with Disney, it really is amazing!! Fun, amazing memories!!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Cruise Scrappin

You can click on these photos if you want to see them in larger size. These two pages are photos of the kids with their nightly towel animals. It was always fun to see what animals we got left in our staterooms each night. Also some photos of the kids just relaxing in our luxurious staterooms! What more is there to do on vacation but relax? That was awesome!!

We had lots of great opportunities to get our photos taken with the Disney clan. There is even one with me kissing Mickey's nose...that was his idea but it turned out as a darling photo!

Here are some more character photos and photos of my parents with Dallyn at the Toy Story Mania show. The shows on the boat were awesome! What a great opportunity for great entertainment!!

Animator's Palatte was my favorite restaurant on the cruise! I just loved the ambiance there and how the lights changed colors and the themes changed, it was simply magical...as all things Disney are!

This page was from our "Till We Meet Again" dinner on the last night of our cruise. We all wore our matching shirts and our waiters did a fun little parade and dance for us.

We took a bunch of photos on the staircase in our matching shirts...I was so glad that I made those, they were so cute if I do say so myself even though several of them fell apart in the wash (the decals) after the last washing..they were fun while they lasted!!

Photos of us enjoying the AWESOME desserts on the cruise! Dallyn loved the buffet aspect of the Beach Blanket Buffet and Kyler couldn't get enough of the soft serve!

Kaylie and I participated in a game show on night..."So you think you know your family?" It was fun to play even though Kaylie and I didn't do so well!! We were thinking of different wave lengths for sure! We really do know each other!=)

Even though our kids haven't ever see the Stitch movies they were all interested in getting their photo taken with Stitch..I am not sure why??

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Disney Cruise 2012

Since we were driving to CA for my Grandma's funeral within a few days of our cruise I decided to scrapbook while we were in the car for 24 hours over a few day period. It made for some simplified scrapping but at least I came home with my album almost all done, which is an awesome thing!!

So this is how you get to view my cruise photos, by clicking on my pages and looking at the photos that way. I realized it would be a lot easier this way since they are already in the album. I will be posting new ones each day when I feel well enough to sit at my computer.

Sail Away!
These were the magnets that were on some of our stateroom doors...and our cute packing list!

Kaylie's BFF Emma came on the cruise with us too so that was super fun. Here are Kaylie at Emma at the Sail Away party!!

Monday morning was the famous Character Breakfast which was so fun! Scott looks like quite the wine bibber here!! My parents had some great headdresses too!! Emma and Kaylie made darling Minnies and we of course had to get a photo of the kids being goofy. I love the whole group shot in the top left corner!

Then the Wright family with Pluto, Cameron being his goofy self and more fun photos of the kids at breakfast!

Kaylie and I got our photo with Minne again and Chip and Dale visited with my parents too!
Here are some of our meal tickets and more meal photos...the boys enjoying breakfast at the Beach Blanket, our Fab waiter Toby (Who we had on both cruises). Kyler was helping him clean up the napkins after dinner!

My one weakness was those Ice Cream Mickey Mouse bars!! Yummy...I just had to order them from room service one day since I was all decked out in my Mickey Mouse Jammie pants, it was just meant to be. You can see in this photo Kyler's cool bed that came down from the ceiling. He thought that was so fun to have a bunk bed on the cruise!! Then a photo of mother and daughter hanging out in our jemmies..part of the fun of being on vacation!

This is a friends page...one photo of the kids hanging out watching movies in the stateroom, the girls with their fun decorated cabin door and making duct tape wallets with friends....cruising fun!!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are Kaylie and Dallyn with their monkeys...there is a beanie boo infestation at our house. Mostly consisting of monkeys!! They are treated as royalty here are our house!
We snapped a photo with Grandma and Grandpa Wright when they were here visiting last week.

Dallyn was so excited to have a monkey photo shoot. He sure is cute about taking care of his friends.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Temodar--New Chemo

Well tomorrow I start a new chemo drug and so we will see how it treats me. It's supposed to be a nasty one so I'm trying to be brave!! I was not approved for the drug I really wanted, they are making me do this other one first and then perhaps I can reapply for Avastin again. So for now I need to try Temodar and so that is what I am doing. I am trying to be brave and to do what the Dr. recommends but at times it really isn't easy.

So if you don't hear from me for awhile you will know its because I am too sick in bed to blog. Hopefully it won't be that bad................but who knows? It is poison after all!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lisa and Andrew's Sealing

Monday was a very special day. It was Lisa and Andrew's 13th wedding anniversary and the day they chose to have their family sealed for Time and All Eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.
Lisa had her original wedding dress altered and she wore that when her and Andrew were sealed.

It was so neat to be there with their family. I just cried, it was a very memorable day and I am so grateful I was able to be there. What a great future is ahead of this amazing family. The kids looked like angels in their all white and Lisa and Andrew just looked so happy. It was such a peaceful and special time in the temple together. As Zach said "Now we are a forever family!"

Jim and Pam and Carol with the 'new' bride and groom.

Brittney was helping her mom carry her train. As Andrew said, "This time we did it right!" They went away on their celebration get away together for a few days. Then the kids will join them for the end of their sealing celebration. We are so happy for them! Congratulations!!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrating Love!

Celebrating Love...eternally!!

I love to decorate for the holidays and I especially love festive tableware, as those who know me well can attest to! Here are some photos from our dinner last night with Dad and Pam. Notice how fun and "lovey" all our decor is! =)
It was great to have family in town visiting for a few days!

We had a family luncheon to celebrate the sealing of Lisa and Andrew. Here's the Beckstrand table..

Danielle came down from Orange County for the occasion, it was great having her there as well as Brad and Dad and Pam.

Brittney and some ward members...

Zach with some ward members, Scott's Mom, Bob, Robin and Blake...

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Andrew and Lisa

Saturday was an exciting day as my brother in law Andrew went through the temple for the first time. He was baptized a member of the church one year ago and he has had quite the amazing year since that time.

Saturday some of the family was able to be together when he went to the temple for the first time and it was so wonderful to be there together. We are so happy for Lisa and Andrew and for the positive steps they are making in their life
Here is the family group of people that were able to come Sat. Scott's mom, Scott's Dad and Pam (From CA), Scott's brother Brad, Scott's Sister Lara and husband Marc, Lisa and Andrew and Scott and I.

Andrew's bishop and his wife came as well..this was Andrew's bishop from when he was still a non-member.

It was such a beautiful day! I just had to get some photos of the temple. Andrew chose the Draper temple for his endowments. Monday their family will be sealed in Salt Lake Temple. More photos to come then! So exciting!

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