Thursday, April 24, 2014

2 Year Celebration of Heidi

Today we celebrated Heidi's life, commemorating 2 years since her passing. It was s special day wherein we remembered such a special and remarkable woman. How blessed our lives continue to be because of her touch and influence on them.

Here are a few fun pictures we reviewed today that reminded us of her and her wonderful life. We miss you Heidi.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 2014 - Cam B-Day & Conference

Over conference weekend we celebrated Cam’s 13th birthday. Oh no, another teenager. He had a fun day at Get Air with his friends. We also had our “adopted daughter” from a Disney cruise several years ago (who lives in CA) Emma come visit. While playing at the park it started to hail really hard, it was Emma’s first experience with hail. Saturday, Cam, Kenyan (Vera Lyn’s son) and I went to Priesthood session, what a great meeting. We then grabbed some frozen yogurt. Sunday, all 9 of us went to WY and watched conference with Vera Lyn’s family. It was fun to get to know many of them better and for them to meet my kids. Kaylie and some of the girls had fun dressing up in Grandma’s older clothing. I told Kaylie she should wear that dress to her Senior Prom but she did not seem very excited about that prospect. Also, my home went up for sale this past week, yes a close on a fun chapter in our family's history.

March 2014 - Schelles

Vera Lyn and I got all seven kids together and did announcement photos for our wedding (coming soon). After taking the pictures, the kids and I headed to Schelles sporting goods. Wow what a store. It is huge and has so many neat things, much like Cabella’s. They had a great time seeing all the guns and stuffed animals, playing at the shooting range and taking fun photos.

March 2014 - Dallyn's Bear

We ran in our elementary schools annual Shamrock shuffle. Dallyn and I ran the 5k while, Kaylie, Cam and Kyler did the 1k. Dallyn tied for 1st place for 4th graders with his good friend Colby.

Dallyn received his Bear award and 1 Gold arrow and 6 Silver Arrows. I asked him how many arrows he thought he’d earned and he guessed right at 1 gold and 6 silver, he was quite proud of his guess. It happened to be the Blue and Gold dinner that night as well. This upcoming month is pinewood derby and Dallyn and I are busy prepping the car.

March 2014 - Park City Skiing

We were able to spend a Friday night in Park City with Vera Lyn and her kids at some family member’s condo. It was a fun night full of swimming, Pizza and movies. The next day the kids and I skied at Park City Mountain Resort. What a beautiful day, sunny and getting a little warm. The kids skied so well. We ate lunch at 9,250 feet, the top of the resorts mountain.

March 2014 - Cam's Swim & Concerts

Cameron was able to qualify for the State Championship Swim Meet in the last chance of the year, swimming an event he never swam before, the 50 Butterfly. He came super close to qualifying in 4 other events, and dropped tons of seconds off his personal best times, but qualified just in the Fly. He did great at the meet and was excited to get to miss school once again.

Kaylie and Cameron also had Choir and Band concerts in March. They and their groups performed very well. Kaylie’s choir went to a District competition and was told they did they best sight reading performance the judges had seen in years.