Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week of Oct. 27

In the past week or so Kaylie had a Choir concert, shown below, and Cameron had his first band concert (sorry no photos.) Both did great. Cameron is playing percussion (like father like son) and was on the cymbal for this performance.

Dallyn, Kyler, Vera Lyn and I got to go see a RSL professional soccer game. DJ was especially excited as he now has seen a college or pro game in all the sports he cares about, soccer, basketball, baseball and football.

After some wonderfully helpful work around my yard, several of my family members and I celebrated my Mom's 26th birthday. Happy B-Day Mom.

Saturday night we went to Vera Lyn's house and had a blast at her annual Halloween Party she puts on with many of her family. We had some great food and played some fun games. The kids really had fun trying to eat the donuts of the strings.

Here is Darth Kyler

Vera Lyn and her kids Dr. Seuss style.

Dad as a mad scientist, Kaylie and Cam as crazed hippies, DJ the Cougar football player and Lord Kyler in the middle.
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Camping at Bear Lake

Over the kids fall break we went camping at Bear Lake. Just a note, this is a summer destination and it was cold, low 20's at night, ice on the lake each morning. We did fine with our heated trailer and had a great time, but it was still cold.

In Montpelier, ID we went to an Oregon Trail Museum and saw some neat things.

There were some very old swings, much like I played on as a kid in the park by the Museum. Such fun.
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Paris Ice Cave

During the kids fall break off of school went took a trip to Paris. Yes Paris, Paris ID, population 600, just north of Bear Lake. About 10 miles east of Paris is an Ice Cave, which has ice in it all year round. We did not find a lot of ice, some, but it was very cold and fun to climb around at. 

There were some small crevasses which made the boys feel like there were on their way through the hidden passages to Rivendale in the Hobbit.
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Mid Oct 2013

Kyler lost his first tooth this past week. He was so excited you'd have thought it was Christmas Morning. The Tooth fairy brought him a dollar and he felt like it was a million.
For work Dad's Company had a pumpkin coloring contest, Dad's was in theme and creative.

Kyler also has no fear of swimming or heights, here are some good jumps off the high dive.

The kids, Dad and Vera Lyn went to a Straw Maze in Kaysville. It is so much fun. You have to weave your way around the many corridors and find 10 punches to punch your card with. It is easy to get lost and turned around, but a lot of fun. Kaylie, Cam and DJ found the punches and way out a lot faster than Kyler, Dad and Vera Lyn. Here is Kyler in part of the maze.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary Heidi

Today marks another milestone in our life. 16 years ago today, on a sunny California day, Heidi and I were married in the Oakland Temple. It is hard to believe that 16 years have passed sense that joyous occasion. Hard to believe we have a 14 year old daughter in 9th grade. It is also unbelievable that nearly 18 months have passed since Heidi’s passing to a better place. Life just keeps on marching along and all we can do is take what it gives us and make the most of it. I am so grateful for the wonderful marriage and years Heidi and I spent together and for the wonderful Mother she was. Because of her incredible efforts, despite her illness, our kids continue to amaze me with how well they are dealing with her lose and that makes my life so much easier each and every day. Happy Anniversary Heidi.

In memory of Heidi, and to do something I have wanted to get done for some time, here is a link to a Youtube Video that shows the photo loop that was displayed at her funeral, full of fun photos from her life. You will note the first song in the background is Kaylie signing Beautiful Heartbreak at her Mother’s funeral. 

Early Oct 2013

Cameron and I were able to attend the General Priesthood Session in the conference Center last Saturday. So fun, inspiring and memorable. Here is a pick of Cam and I enjoying frozen yogurt afterward.

Several months ago, Kaylie and I were on the Stake Trek outing together, while there she was asked to sing a solo, Come Take Your Place, by Hillary Weeks. They recorded it and I got a copy of it. Here is a link to the video of her signing, great job Kates.