Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The kids enjoyed making Root Beer Reindeer with Grandma again this year!

I was pretty sick so I didn't take many photos at our belated Christmas Dinner. But here is the group that was gathered to celebrate!

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More Family Photos

Grandma holding Katie..the newest member of the family!
She is only about a month old here! So precious!

The girls opening gifts from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Laura!

Uncle Ryan introducing Tyler to play dough!!

Grandma and Abby!

Silly gooses having ice cream!

My kids pitched in to get Abby a Cookie Monster toy they just thought she HAD to have. It was cute to see how excited they were to give her something they had saved to purchase!! It has been a real hit..a cookie monster that eats the cookies!

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Disney Wonder Again!

Our Christmas Gift for 2011 was a Disney Cruise with our family, this time taking my parents along with us. There was a promotion for kids sailing free for a few week period in January so we jumped right on the offer!!

Kaylie opened a paint palette (Animator's Palette, a favorite restaurant on the ship)
Cameron opens a container of sand and a water bottle...

Dallyn opens a beach blanket...another favorite restaurant on the cruise!

Kaylie holds the "I Wonder" balloon as the kids start to realize that we are indeed going on another cruise!! Yeahoo!! It sails in 2 1/2 weeks!!!

The kid's got Disney Dollars to spend on the ship too!

Here is the family each each holding part of their 'sail away kits". I made everyone matching pirate sashes, Disney cruise tshirts, packing lists, pirate night shirts and door magnets. It was really fun getting ready for the trip and putting together all the preparations!! Lots of work but lots of fun planning it out and figuring out how to surprise the kids!

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Christmas Photos

I know I am about a month behind. Here are some photos from our family that we took at Christmas Time! The kids...
The family....

The family and my parents too...

The kids trying to figure out the 'puzzle' that I gave them for Christmas.

Here they are with all the clues. "Would Grandma and Grandpa like to be a part of our family vacation this year?"

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Updates to Come! =0)

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Soft Seats!

Loving this...what is it?
Right after Christmas this beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture joined our family! It's awesome! We love it! More photos to come!

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Cam's Science Fair Project

Scott and Cam worked hard to get the science fair project done before our trip. Here are some photos of Cam's project. Click on the photo for better close up views!

Yes Cam is quite the ham and always keeps us laughing!

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Blog Update

Ok, so I have had some problems posting lately because I needed to buy more photo space on Blogger. So I did that today so that I am now able to start catching up on my blogging. So now I have room for lots more photos so you can now read our Christmas updates almost a month late!

Family Gifts

We went to church Christmas morning, Scott, Kaylie and I sang in the ward choir. It was great! Afterwards we came back to house and changed into our usual Christmas clothes (jammies) and had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast! Complete with cinnamon rolls, fruit, yummy juice, cheese and crackers and chocolate! Yummy!
First we opened up the homemade gifts everyone had to give. Dallyn made this amazing calendar in school...so cute!

Cameron made a fun spy kit for Dallyn as Dallyn loves to play spies. I am so grateful my kids are so kind to each other and so creative!

Cameron made me a birdhouse in Scouts!

Kaylie made me his great book of inspirational quotes she put together..I loved it!

Dallyn put together a scrapbook for me. (Yes I have passed some of my talent on to my children)

More photos to come another day...this is all I have time for today!
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Christmas Morning

The kids all ready to see what Santa Left them!
Kaylie got the duvet cover and sheet set she wanted from Pottery Barn Teen. She has been wanting to re-decorate her room for about a year now. I was hoping to hold out till she was a teenager officially but she has really wanted a new bedding set. The curtains are still on their way so we will post photos once the whole room is done. It is looking really cute! She got a new lamp and a few new accessories in the deep purple color and it is SOO cute! Mom approves of the bedding too! =)

Cameron got the Heroica board game he really wanted, a Harry Potter Lego Book and headphones so he can listen to his drum playing without waking up the whole house!!

Dallyn was excited to see that Santa had eaten the milk and cookies! He got an oversized body pillow with Cars 2 guys on it and a Cars 2 Lego Set.

Kyler got a race track...

Scott got a Kindle from his boss for an early Christmas gift. So for Christmas Santa brought him a Kindle case and a Yoda Ornament. He was soo excited about getting a kindle..he has wanted one for at least a year now..so getting one from the Christmas Work party was awesome!

I got what I wanted to! I wanted a new purse that was bigger and could hold all my winter goodies in it, hat, scarf, mittens, etc. as well as books for when I'm at Dr. apts etc. I had a Miche bag I loved but it was the classic style (great for summer). Santa brought me the Prima Bag, the big style, and it was the HEIDI bag! How appropriate is that? I am going to love this new purse!

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