Saturday, January 30, 2010

Character Time!

Kyler meeting some of his favorite characters! This was so fun for him..oh the joys of being 3!!

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Animal Kingdom

On Wednesday we spent the day at Animal Kingdom. It was a peaceful and slower paced day compared to the two previous days, which was nice!
Getting ready to enter the park right as it opened!
The amazing tree of life, with so many detailed animal carvings, it was so amazing!!
Here's the only photo we got of our entire group together, all 12 of us. We had such a fun time...great memories for sure!
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More Favorites!

This is the new roller coaster at Animal Kingdom called Expedition Everest. This was a favorite of our three older kids and Mom and Dad! It's sure a fun one!!
The kids being goofy...
One of my favorite things was watching Kyler meet the characters!
Here Kyler is telling Chip and Dale that he has a stuffed chipmunk named Chocolate Chip who is their brother. Isn't that sweet???
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Great Shows!

There were two fabulous shows at Animal Kingdom. The Finding Nemo I just loved, but they didn't allow any flash photography. They have such great productions at Disney!! The Circle of Life show was incredible also!! Such amazing costumes and the music and animation, singing, acrobatics, etc, it was really great!
Now for some boys with some dinosaurs!

With Disney they never leave out the little details do they?? Look at this drinking fountain!! It's like drinking from a well bucket! I just love that about Disney! (I'm a detailed person I guess that's why!)
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Kiliminjaro Safaris

Here are some of the animals we saw on our Kiliminjaro Safari!

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More Animals

I just loved watching this big gorilla!
The kids learning along one of the self-guided walking paths...
The Rhinos...
Yikes..these alligators are something else!!!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios used to be called MGM Studios when I went when I was 15. I remember that park being my favorite one. I loved all the behind the scenes attractions and learning about how movies are made. The park was sure a favorite place for my kids too!! My older kids loved the roller coaster best (me too!) but I never got a picture of it.

Scott and I at sunset in front of the Sorcerer's hat....(I should have taken the photo earlier in the day!! Too busy having fun I guess!)

Angee and I took a quick trip to San Fran to go shopping!!
Minnie was the only character Kaylie wanted her photo taken with. The line was only 5 minutes long too--a benefit of going in the off-season--and so I was happy to snap a photo!
Kyler's all time favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so this was SO fun for him to be able to go to the show and see his friends in person!! =)
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Toy Story Mania! The Favorite Ride!

I think Toy Story Mania is one of the coolest rides ever. Our family just loved that ride so we went on it a few times. Here's some shots of our family while we were waiting in line...

The talking Mr. Potato Head always had catchy lines!
This is SOOO CUTE!! It just reminds me of my childhood! I love the huge cards too, they were all over, it was so neat to look at.
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Character Fun

My Star Wars crazed family on a speeder bike near Star Tours.

Can you see Cameron standing underneath this huge a-dat walker...did I spell that right??? I'm not sure.
Herbie...a favorite from my childhood!
Kyler loves CARS!!! So he was happy to meet these guys!
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Sci Fi Diner

We did the low-budget meal plan while in Disney World. Meaning that we stocked up at Walmart on Sat night and then ate breakfast in the Villas before leaving for the day and we packed a sack meal for lunch or dinner that day. We ended up only eating out 3 times!! We were very proud of is so expensive there! Anyhow, our kids chose this fun restaurant, where you get to eat sitting in a car at a drive-in type theater. Here they are before we went in....
Our group was large enough that we needed two cars!
The ambiance in there was very cool and relaxing...I only wish there were less horror fliks and more classic disney shorts playing in the drive-in. Some of the stuff was too scary for my younger kids...even though it was really old sci-fi stuff.
It looks like Scott and I have a stow-away on this little getaway we are trying to have!
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