Monday, May 30, 2011

Pool Side Fun!

Can you tell where we are headed? Yep you got it! We are headed to the pool with our fun new pedicures! Kaylie and I went to get pedicures on Sat with Grandma Wright. Kaylie hadn't had one beofre and I hadn't had one in at least 1 1/2 years so this was fun!

It sure was fun to have red toes for our trip to Disney World and all that time spent in the pool and wearing flip flops!!
Dallyn's favorite activity to do on board the ship was to swim!

A few of my fishes..I think Cameron had already jumped into the water and since he truly is a fish I didn't worry about where he was and making sure I could see him at all times like I did the little boys. They do have lifeguards but I'm paranoid too!

Kaylie got plenty of sun too and had a great time at the pool side! She enjoyed having her own room key so she could come and go as she pleased too. She had a wave phone (cell phone for the guests on the boat to use) so we could communicate with each other that way which was nice.

Here's Scott helping Kyler get into the pool..he wasn't sure as this was his first time getting into the deep pool and it was really crowded on the first at sea day.

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The Cruise Pools

The kids loved going in the pools on the cruise! Course, so did everyone else so they were often times pretty crowded. However, here you can see Cameron with his arms in the air enjoying the fact that the pool is not crowded. He is enjoying some fun classic Disney Cartoons while he swims! That's the life!
See if you can spy Dallyn, Scott and Kyler enjoying a movie in the pool. This was on one of the really busy at-sea days. They had a blast!

One afternoon it got a bit windy and pretty soon our children had the entire pool to themselves!! They thought it was great! Where is Kyler you ask???

He's still back at the Mickey pool where the water slide is....that pool is just on the other side of this pool deck.

There's Kyler enjoying Mickey's ear again and again!!

Here's another view of the pool with the smokestacks and everything! Gotta love it! It was so much fun!

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Mickey's Slide

One of the little boy's favorite things to do on the ship was to go on Mickey's slide. It was so fun watching them go over and over again. Kyler could go on it all by himself, no deep area to worry about. So it was just is Kyler going down.
Dallyn lying down so he could go faster...

Scott took this photo while waiting for the kids to come down. You can Mickey's hand holding the slide up.

Kyler happy as can be after coming down the waterslide!

From this photo you can see the two small black pools that are Mickey Mouse's ears. The children loved playing in these little pools and jumping from one to another! This is a place where you can swim in Mickey's Ear! =)

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Disney touches

Disney always does everything 100% They are amazing in the details for they pay attention to! This is the foyer for the Disney Theater. It was so fun to go to shows there!
The window displays were so cute! I just had to get a photo of them!

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Toy Story the Musical

There were some amazing shows on the ship! It was so fun to anticipate the show we would get to see every night. One of our favorites was the Toy Story Musical. It was really great!
They didn't allow flash photos so I have a few that turned out without the flash but most of them did not! Sad..
This photo is from before the show. I wanted to get good seats so we would go down to the theater to be there when the doors would open. Then we brought books for the kids to read and they would get their 20 minutes of reading in while we were waiting. I am totally all about 'using time wisely' and so maybe this is totally ridiculous to some of you. However, we did this every night on the cruise because it made me feel a little better about the fact that my children were missing school!! So they were getting reading time and educational time in each day!

Here are some of the photos that turned out ok where you could see the fun characters from Toy Story!!

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Formal Night

Here is our family on formal night on the cruise. We wore our coordinated Easter outfits. Kaylie and Cam later asked me why we were wearing church clothes!! There were a lot of peopled on the ship that were in Tux's, etc. so I guess we were less formal than most, but that is our style and I thought we looked great!
Each night the waiters would make some type of creation with the napkins. It's hard to tell with the angle Kaylie is holding it at, but this is a formal dress shirt!

Before dinner we went to the Golden Mickeys Show. It was fabulous! They don't allow flash photos, otherwise I would have taken photos!
We did get our photo with the Golden Mickey and Minnie.

Even Chip and Dale had tuxedos on that night and we caught a photo with them in the hallway so that was lucky!

After we got back to our room we saw our towel creation for the evening which was an elephant. The children always anticipated what animals they might receive!
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More Formal Night

What happened to our boys on formal night?? I'll tell you what happened!! We had the 8:30 pm dinner hour and after swimming and playing and having amazing adventures each day the children were just TOO tired to last.

Here is Dallyn sleeping while waiting for his dessert
Then Kyler bit the dust while working on coloring his worksheets. He was totally worn out!

Kaylie and Cameron held it together and stayed awake to enjoy the rest of the dinner time.
Afterwards I got this photo of Kaylie in the atrium area as it was so very glamorous!! All the Disney Characters would come down the main staircases during some of the character shows.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

I can drive, I can drive, I can drive! =)

Can you tell this is supposed to be to the tune of "I Can Fly!" from Peter Pan!?? Perhaps its because I still have Disney in my blood from our recent cruise. In all seriousness it is great news because after nearly 5 MONTHS of not being able to drive (really you have NO idea how hard it was for me in a multitude of ways) I have been given permission to drive again!! HOORAY!

I am so happy about this. I haven't done a lot of driving yet..its been about 1 1/2 weeks since I received the good news. But I have been struggling with the flu as well as being busy with my children's end of the year activities, etc. so I haven't done a whole lot. However, I did drive myself to the temple the other day which was so great (to go by myself) and Kyler and I went to Target. Oh the joys!!

So my message today is to be grateful for the LITTLE things. For we take so much for granted and I am grateful that I can just run to the store if I need to. Although I feel like I'm better at time management now that I've been forced to live this way for months. (Meaning Scott or friends taking me shopping, etc) So I will spend more time at home and less time out and about in the future I think. We could all benefit from more time home with family and less time running wildly from here to there!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Disney Cruise

**Attention Blog Followers! I am a month overdue on posting this trip but there will be LOTS of photos so I am going to try to post a few times a week about our AMAZING trip last month. So stay tuned and for today enjoy the first day photos and text of our trip!!!***

During spring break we went down to Long Beach to visit Grandma and Grandpa Wright. Or so our children were told. However, we had bigger plans!! Saturday night at Grandma's house Scott and I told the children we had a treat but they had to find it in a treasure hunt.

We had hidden clues around the house in envelopes. Once all 13 envelopes were discovered the kids took turns opening the clues.

Clue #1 I Wonder what is black and white?
#2 I wonder where you can watch movies outdoors?
#3 I wonder where you can swim in an ear?
#4 I wonder where pictures will change while you are eating?
The clues continued on and here are some of the last ones: I Wonder where you can see Peter Pan fly? I Wonder if we need to take a floating vacation? Kaylie got it on this one and started screaming and Cameron pretended to faint! It was very fun to watch! Scott was videoing and I was in charge of the activity so I didn't take any photos. Afterwards I went back and took photos of the clues. We printed out photos of different parts of the ship to get the kids excited!

Our cruise was set to leave the very next day on Sunday afternoon. We went to church Sunday morning and then went down to the port to get our family checked in. Here we are getting ready to board the ship!

Grandma and Grandpa Wright are down there watching us take off. You can see them as tiny ants under the 4th tree. They enjoyed seeing us off, although Grandma was very sad she wasn't coming with us! She loves cruises!

Here are the children waiting to take off...

And last but not least...our family as we say "Bon Voyage" to Mickey!! Disney Cruise here we come!

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