Sunday, March 2, 2014

Second Half of February

With all the great weather we have had in Utah over the past few weeks, seriously in the 60's some days, the boys have had some fun scootering.

Cam was in a swim meet this past weekend and did awesome. He was in 6 events and dropped his time a ton in each one, some of them by 4 seconds. He even went fast enough in one event, the 50 butterfly, to qualify for the State Championship meet. So he will compete in that this upcoming week. Way to go Cam.

Dallyn and Kyler had Dr. Seuss week at their school and did crazy things each day. Monday was mustache day ... not so sure they are old enough for those.

Tuesday was crazy hair day.
 Wednesday crazy clothes day.
 Thursday was dress up as a book character day, Dallyn is Percy Jackson and Kyler Thing 3

And Friday was pajama day.

 Dad spent a few days in Chicago, boy was that cold. Low single digit temperatures as high's during the days, but with the bitter wind it felt like negative 20. Here he is with the Sears (now Willis) tower in the back ground.