Monday, May 20, 2013

Week of May 19th

This past week was hectic as always. Soccer games, swim and theater practices, homework, sewing, gymnastics, etc, etc.

Kyler had his last soccer game of the season. He loved it, the social part more than the playing, but did well and even scored a few goals this season. His team was fantastic, never lost and most games never really had competition. It was fun to watch.

Dallyn had a soccer game, two actually. Won both, of course, his team is 10 wins 1 loss this season, again most of the wins are blow outs. Dallyn likes to mostly play on defense, and rarely do opponents get the ball by him to even try and score. he is a really good defender. He also played forward for a few minutes this past game and scored his third goal of the season. (That game was closer to water polo given how hard it was raining.)

Cameron finished his Mind Storms competition, a 5/6th grade Lego robot competition wherein the students work for a few months building and programing robots out of computers to battle against other student built robots. Friday they competed against students from all over the State at Lagoon and he and his partner placed 16th out of 100 entrants. Way to go! Of course he had fun, Legos, robots, battles, and Lagoon.

Friday night, Cam and Kaylie went on a backpacking camp out with the Youth. A few miles of hiking and a lot of rain. By the morning everything was soaked. Not sure how fun it was, but it was memorable for sure.

We also had a special guest at our home for part of the week, Coby, our Uncle Ryan's little dog. He was quite a handful, but fun to play with and the kids loved having him around.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week of May 12th

Several things happened with our family this week.
Kyler finished his 100 books reading chain.

We ran in our 7th consecutive Susan G. Komen race for the cure.

Dallyn created a soccer rebounder as an invention for his class.

We also got to spend a very special Mother's Day with our Grandmas. Wonderful times, wonderful memories.
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