Sunday, November 22, 2009

Utah Symphony

Last weekend my friend and I took our girls to see the Utah Symphony. I love music!! We chose to take the girls to this particular show because it was entitled Bravo Broadway!! All the songs were from Broadway Musicals and there were three vocalists that were amazing.

My favorite songs were the ones from Phantom and Les Mis sung by the male vocalist. He was amazing!! It made me want to see those Broadway Shows again. Here are the girls waiting for the concert to begin.

Here's a Mother and Daughter shot...we had a really nice time. I did learn that not many 'children' frequent the symphony. It seems there were only a few kids in the whole concert hall!! Kaylie's favorite songs were 'The Wizard and I" and "For Good" from the musical Wicked (She has the CD memorized) and then 76 Trombones from Music Man, as well as "Part of Your World" from Little Mermaid.
Here is Scott working hard last week on our latest project. He's all bundled up because it was freezing outside!! Later we were able to close the garage door and we put the space heater in the garage so Scott could keep working!! He's so dedicated....more photos to come.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Drug Free Finally!!

Well as Scott and I were talking this week we realized that I am drug-free for the first time in 2 years!! I've always been on some sort of treatment..whether it be chemo, steroids, anti-seizure medication or Herceptin. It's such a great blessing to not have to take daily medications!! I'm so grateful for that at this Thanksgiving time. =) I'm not sure what the future holds but I sure am glad to be drug-free for now! Have a great Thanksgiving next week!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let it Snow!

Well its a good thing that I posted the photos of the fall trees the other day because Saturday this is what our trees look like!! The cold weather is now here!
My kids seem a lot more excited about the snow than I am. To me its just cold!!! But Cam is happy..see the smiley face!
It sure is pretty to look at though!!
Look at my cute little snow boy!! =) He's loving it..
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Projects in the works...

With my recent surgery we are definitely behind on where we'd like to be with household projects!! But that's how life goes when Mom undergoes Brain Surgery!! =) Nevertheless here are some photos of our garage once Scott took out some shelves...

This is after he re-routed the central vac plumbing and moved the freezer. Can you guess what he's working on? I'll take more photos as he makes progress and you can see this project come to life!! =)
Here's the side table that I wanted to re-stain to match our living room bookshelves and piano. I started sanding it before my surgery and never got back around to working on it....thankfully my father-in-law worked on it while he was here helping me and the kids.
So now it's a beautiful reddish brown color and it looks great in our living room! Thanks Jim!
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Fall is Here!

One thing that is so neat about living in Utah is how distinct all the seasons are. We've never had trees like we do now--and we have lots of them--they are so beautiful! I get to look out my bedroom window at a row of these trees!! I wanted to take some photos before the leaves all fall off! I love the colors!

I love our great views from this house!!
Here is my awful mask that I had to wear during my recent radiation surgery. It was a hot wax type material that molded to my face and that was the horrific claustrophobic part. Once it hardened they were able to use it for my surgery.
See the holes in the side of the frames? They had me lay down in the back part of the mask and then they put the top part on and then screwed it into the table. I was panicking about being so constrained. When they took the mask off after surgery I had mesh marks all over my face because it was pressed so hard!! This is a memory I'd like to forget. We'll find out in a few more weeks how the radiation appears to have worked--after I have another MRI--but the true test will just be time!!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Photos

Dallyn is learning how to write really well in school! Here is the card he made for Dad...Cam helped him spell some of the words!

Dallyn gave Scott a new sports bag for taking to swim events, triathlons, etc. The one Scott has is so old and dated..its from his teenage days and since we're talking about getting OLD here, let's just say that it's been probably 20 years since he got his bag!
Scott's mom stopped by for a visit on his birthday. It has been about 15 years since she saw Scott on his birthday so this was fun!
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Happy Birthday Scott!

Here are some more photos from Scott's Birthday!
Kaylie got it right with this book!! Cam's been reading it every day since and he's learning a lot!
Kyler and Cam gave Dad socks!!
Scott's Dad gave him this Table Vise..I guess he realized Scott needed one when he was working in our garage last month!
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scary Lights Become Spooky Lights

These were our scary back porch lights!! They were dated and broken!!

Scott's Dad took our front porch lights and moved them to our back porch and they look much better!!
This is one of the new motion sensored/timed porch lights we got to replace the one above. We thought the coloring of these lights looked really nice with our chocolate brown door so had Jim hang these on the front porch!
We love the new improved look on our back porch and our front porch and its nice having our house lit up better in the evenings and when people come to visit!! Thanks Jim for doing that for us!
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Halloween Night

Here's my Cute Halloween Spooks!! Kaylie was Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter! She's been really into reading the books lately and just finished #3! Cam was Anakin Skywalker and then you can see my cute animals!!
What a handsome Indiana Jones I have....doesn't he look authentic?? =)
What a cute monkey with his baby monkey...
Kyler was making letters with pencils on Dad's desk. Here he just finished making an I. He made all kinds of letters and he just asked for help with the W...there are quite a lot of ups and downs with a W. Kyler likes to practice patterns and letters while Dallyn is doing his homework and its really cute to see his quest for learning!!
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New Date for Treatment

My treatment has been moved from the 9th to the 5th so I go in on Thursday for my RadioSurgery. It'll be nice to get that behind me!! Just wanted to post an update...oh and last week this picture was taken from our front porch! The first real snow of the year!! So pretty..if you are inside that is!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Kyler Spider

Kyler was just so cute on Halloween. We only did a little trick or treating because of my health and his health, but you would never know it!! Here he is counting his loot and telling me all about the treats he received. We answered the door and Kyler gave out treats while the older kids went to more houses with Dad!!
I must be rubbing off on Kyler! Here he is taking pictures of his treats!!
My adorable little Spider!! It's hard to believe that Cameron, Dallyn and now Kyler have all worn this adorable spider costume I got at Old Navy years ago!! It's sure been fun!!
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Carvin' Pumpkins

Well I'm a few weeks behind, but here are some photos from our Family Night carving pumpkins...the older three kids all drew up plans of what they wanted their pumpkins to look like.
Kaylie makes plans!
Scott helped Dallyn carve his after Dallyn drew his picture!
Kyler enjoys taking out the pumpkin seeds!
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