Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hair No Fair!

Ok, so I'm having a 'no fair' hair situation here!! The treatment I'm on right now is a drug called Taxol. Taxol is a drug that attacks the hair growth just as much as the treatment I was on in Nov/Dec. I thought that since my hair fell out in November and I didn't lose my lashes..I thought I was safe!!!

NO!!! I'm not safe...I am losing my eyebrows and eyelashes!! Shee whiz! I can't believe it. This is a sad day!! =( And to make matters worse...guess what I noticed this past week. My hair on my LEGS is growing back! What is that about??? Like I said it's not fair! How can I be losing eyebrows and lashes but the one place I don't want legs..and its growing back!!!

That's your humorous cancer tip of the week!! =)
Other than sore muscles & some other strange side effects I'm doing pretty well. I just finished week 5 of 12 of Taxol. I'm almost halfway there! Yeah!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kaylie's Scrapbook Pages

Kaylie wanted me to take some photos of her scrapbook pages for the blog. Here she used the Cricut machine to cut out her letters and the journaling stamp to write about the fun photo.

Here Kaylie used some fun embellishments to create as Easter page. I taught her how to cut out circles & she used the Cricut to make a bunny to put in the easter basket. Don't you love the easter grass? And her silk flowers with flower brads in the center are so creative too!
Here is a birthday layout she did using lots of cute stamps, tags and circle punchouts. Kaylie is learning a lot & loves to scrap with Mom!
Happy Valentine's Day! We are getting in the spirit with these cute Hugs & Kisses buckets from PBK. Also these cute towels from my friend Kathleen & a cute card from Mom & Dad. I just love Valentine's day!
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Kaylie's Spot

Kaylie loves to make her bed look really cute!

Kaylie cleaned her room this weekend and got her cubbies all organized really nicely.
Kaylie had some scrapbooking time today! She loves her new scrapbook room she shares with Mom!
Here's how Kaylie has her desk organized. A fun ribbon organizer to match mom & some tiny tilt bins as well.
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Weekend Fun

ARRR say the pirates!
Jiddi Jedi Kyler!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scrappin with Kaylie

Kaylie & I had some scrapbooking time this weekend.I finished a bunch of pages that needed titles and embellishments. They were pages I had started on in August and hadn't had a chance to work on since then. It's been fun to get back into scrapbooking again and to remember those days when I wasn't sick and when our family had some fun times! So please enjoy the pages below and feel free to click on them if you need some 'scrappin inspiration' as you can see the details better!! Have a great week everyone!

Our trip to Tahoe last winter....
Last July Kyler turned One!!

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How cute am I?
Why is this the way my floor looks all the time?
Because my boys love to build castles & cities..with Dad's help too!
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Well can you tell we have a Star Wars theme in this house? Here you have Darth Maul and Darth Vader! Scary!!

We have some boys who love to use their 'toolbox' to help Daddy with projects.
This drum is as big as me!!
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Scrapbooking After 3 months off!

Hooray! I'm feeling a little more like HEIDI again because I actually scrapbooked a few pages last weekend when Kaylie and I decided to work in our craft room together. It's so fun! These pages are all from our trip to the Snow in Tahoe last Feb! Nothing like being a year behind!

I used my Cricut machine to cut out the SNOW title and used the Winter Bright scrappin kit for the page accents & papers. Makes it easy! Also used my new snowflake punch (thanks to Patty!) for the embellishments as well! You can't tell well in this photo but the top group photo shows us all in our sunglasses having a picnic in the snow because it was so HOT we didn't even need jackets and the snow sure melted quickly into slush!!
This was Kyler's first trip to the snow. He enjoyed exploring and napping his way through the trip! Fun memories! Tahoe-Feb 2007
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Boys Will Be Boys!

Dallyn and Kyler and being "Firefighters" with hoses to put out the fires. Who would have thought there were so many uses for Lightsabers??

Cameron likes to spend his evening reading time reading books to Kyler, who is always willing to sit on your lap and listen to books!!
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holiday Memories

Ok I look like I'm about 16 years old with my cheesy braces grin and that poofy hat! Shee whiz! Anyhow, thought this was a cute photo of cheesy Mommy and Kyler on Christmas!

Here is a photo of all the family gathered together to celebrate Christmas! How grateful we are for our Family!
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New Year--Week 2 of 12

Well I'm doing great in week 2 of 12. I can't believe how much easier this treatment has been on my body so far! YEAHOO!!! It's such a blessing after the insane months of November and December with all sorts of health problems. So I am surely counting my blessings this New Year! Happy 2008 to you all! =)

The Craft Room is Finished!

Scott finished the final touches on our craft room during the holidays. We had taken a break from that project due to my illness. However, Scott is always one for finishing projects. He added a molding piece between the brown and blue paint and then caulked it and painted it blue to blend into the lower portion of the room. He then built the frame to go around the window and added my fun fabric for the 'curtains' in the room. I have 3 of the 4 kids pages done that are in the frames around the window. One of these days I'll finish Kylers. But for now the room is looking so great!! You can doubleclick on the photos to see a larger view with better detail!

The other wall is done too!! This is the workstation where I cut paper and use my cricut machine. My craft room is now the craft/lego keep Kyler from eating the legos we have the older boys play legos on my craft desk. So the boys can't say the room is only for the girls enjoyment!! =)
I bought the chalkboard/magnet boards and pegboards from Pottery Barn Kids. They sold pinboards but not in the right colors/fabrics for my room. So, my awesome hubby made these two pinboards out of wood and corkboard so that I can pin up little photos or notes, etc. I added clips to the pegboard for displaying inspiring cards and I have two 'pencil cups' for keeping my tools in easy reach while using my workstation. Isn't it exciting?? I just love my new craft room. Now I just need to get better so I can actually spend TIME in my room!!
Oh and I just have to show you my fun punches drawer!!! Yes I am a 'punchaholic' it's true...and the scary thing is that this drawer can't hold all my punches anymore! Now I have 2 punches drawers!! Hey, Scott has how many different wrench & screwdriver sets out in the garage?? A girl needs her tools too!!
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Holiday Updates

Here is our darling family all ready for church on December 23rd. Yes, the boys have matching shirts and sweaters! Isn't it so fun? I love doing the matchy matchy thing with my boys!

Here is one of just the four kids! How cute they are!!

Here is Kyler snitching all of Santa Clause's cookies!! He had 2 in his mouth and another in his hand before we noticed!! So much for setting out the cookies the night before!!

Christmas morning...everyone in their new jammies all ready to come see what Santa has left them!!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Month at a Glance

Well I haven't been very good about updating the blog lately. So here are the highlights from the month of December.

**I hit my lowest point ever with my energy level and fatigue. I couldn't sit up at the table to eat with the family. Taking a shower put me in bed for an hour afterwards to recover. It was the craziest thing ever. I asked for blood tests to be run which proved the point...I was very anemic, my hemadacrite was 26 and I had a hemoglobin level of 8.9. I was started on Procrit shots to avoid having to have a blood transfusion.

**One week later my body had started thinking for itself again!! My hemadacrite returned to a safe level, around 34, and my hemoglobin was up to 11.9!! Hooray! I didn't have to undergo any more rounds of Procrit (scary side effects from that shot) And no transfusions! yeah!!

**I got my energy back in time to enjoy Christmas with my family. Amy and Austin and Ryan and Laura visited from Utah. My parents and Grandparents visited from Livermore. It was a very nice holiday considering the circumstances. I was exhausted for a few days following Christmas, but felt very blessed to be able to enjoy the day with my family.

**I rang in the New Year by starting my next phase of chemotherapy on Dec 31st. I will undergo 12 weeks of treatments every Monday! I'm going to be on a drug called Taxol, as well as a targeted therapy called Herceptin. The side effects of this treatment is different than the treatment I underwent during Nov/Dec. It'll take a few weeks to know for sure how it will all effect me. Check back in a few weeks for updates.

Thanks for all the love and prayers! We are grateful for all of you!