Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week of June 30

This was our first real full week of summer, no EFY, no Trek, no trips. It was nice and fun. Kyler and Dallyn started swim lessons, see below. They are following right in their Dad's and big brother's footsteps, quite the little fish. With the 100 + degree heat we've had, the pool and the Rec Center has been a very inviting place. The kids have also just enjoyed hanging out and playing with friends. Dad was pretty busy as he helped organize and run a triathlon for Cameron's swim team on Saturday morning. It all went well, though Dad wished he was doing the triathlon not just setting it up and making it happen.

We also got a couple of fun hikes in this week. Cameron and his scout troop did an overnighter to Pfeifferhorn Peak, one of the highest in Utah at 11,325 ft. He was exhausted afterward.

 Dad and Vera Lyn hiked to Scout Falls on the back of Mt. Timpanogos as part of their date Saturday night, such a beautiful place.  
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stake Trek

Kaylie and I just completed a 4 day experience of a lifetime. We went to the Martin Cove area in central WY and did a handcart Trek with the Youth of our Stake. Kaylie had an incredible experience, socially, emotionally, physically and most importantly Spiritually. You can not be in those areas without feeling something special. I was sick most of the time which limited the activities I could participate in, but it was still very neat to be there and be part of it. Here is a sampling of what we saw.

Devil's Gate, just East of Martin's Cove where the 500 plus handcart pioneers from the Martin Company huddled up for 5 days to let the severe winter storm pass by.

The Upper Meadow deep in Martin's Cove, somewhere near here, over 50 people died and were buried during that storm.

A far away glance at Martin's Cove.

Kaylie, decked out in Pioneer dress, ready to go walk through Martin's Cove.

Our tent city, 275 people, at the 6th Crossing of the Sweetwater River in WY. This is about 60 miles west of Martin's Cove and is where the 400 plus members of the Willie Handcart Company suffered through that same storm. I was responsible for equipment on this trip, and the tents were the biggest challenge. Just getting 60 usable tents, then getting them organized, set up, and then taken down and up again each day (Very windy afternoons) was a lot of work.

View west of the 6th Crossing to the Wind River mountain range just north of South Pass and the continental divide.

Our Handcarts all lined up ready to go.

Kaylie with her family at her cart. The group of 275 people were split into 19 "Families" for the Trek and they did almost everything together. I heard from the adults in Kaylie's family how delightful and uplifting it was to have her in their group. 

Long train of handcarts heading out Friday morning for a 10 mile pull.

This meadow is the actual spot the Willie Company was in during the storm and when they were found by the rescue wagons.

Willie Meadow.

Kaylie and Dad just about ready to head home. Zoom in on the pic if you want to see the facial portion of Dad's outfit (1 week without shaving.)

Right before loading the buses to head home Saturday morning, after a few touching testimonies about the experience, the leaders asked Kaylie to sing a solo, "Come Take Your Place". It is a Hillary Weeks song and happened to be our Theme for the Trek. Kaylie did awesome, so touching and moving despite being windblown, dusty and tired. Spontaneously during the song, the entire company of 275 people stood up and linked arms in one giant grouping. Most were crying at the sweet yet powerful spirit that was there. (Thanks to Uncle Jason for his recorded accompaniment, it sounded perfect.)
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Begins

The kids have now been out of school for a whole week and summer is officially here. This first week was a fun one. Kaylie went to EFY for the first time at Utah State. She had a blast and really had to stretch herself as she did not know anyone in her group. She made a few good friends by the end of the week and more importantly said her testimony was greatly strengthened. I happened to be on BYU campus a few times this week (lunch with Vera Lyn between her classes) and saw the EFY kids walking around and thought, there is no way my daughter, my little girl, is old enough to be with them. Sure enough she is though, amazing. 

Next week, Kaylie and Dad will do a pioneer Trek in WY at Martin’s Cove and the Willie Sweet Water crossing. It should be a blast, but has taken up most of Dad’s free time for weeks now getting ready.

Kyler, Dallyn, Vera Lyn and I got to go to a Salt Lake Bees (minor league Baseball) game a few weeks back. It was so fun. A friend hooked us up with tickets and they were right over the Bees dugout. Kyler loved hanging out with the Bees and even got tossed a baseball from one of the players, which he got signed by a few of the team, many of the cheerleaders, and most importantly by the Bee himself. It was a blast.

Kaylie and I,. with a little help from the boys, put in our garden, tomatoes, zucchini and a few others. Yum.

I had a rough Friday this past week, 18 holes in Midway, Utah, what a pristine setting, who cares that I played horrible, it was a perfect day for golf.

Friday night was Vera Lyn's graduation from the two week Music teaching course she took at BYU, her class had to do a small skit, shown below.

Cameron gave his first talk in Sacrament meeting today, on Tithing and Offerings. He prepared it almost all by himself and did a fantastic job.
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Cameron's 6th Grade Graduation

Cameron did it. We were a little worried, it was touch and go for a while, but he made it through Elementary School and will now be in Jr. High next year. Way to go Cam (there was actually never any doubt, he is a great kid and great student.) He loved sixth grade. The Grad ceremony was Hawaiian themed. Cam helped decorate by making a number of Tikis on the posters.


Cam also went fishing for the first time in many years with the scouts and was one of only two to bring home some goods. A 14 incher, great catch Cam!
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Boys on Bikes

The boys have been having a lot of fun this summer riding bikes. Dallyn got a new bike for Christmas and we have upgraded the other two bikes and they now use them multiple times per day. You'd especially love Kyler getting all done up for biking, helmet, glasses and gloves, just like Dad.
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Kaylie in Thoroughly Modern Millie

Kaylie was in her Jr. High Schools production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. She was an ensemble member and they did a wonderful job. A lot of preparation went into it, and Kaylie was very nervous leading up to the performances as even the day before she had a bad cough and sore throat. But it all worked out and she looked beautiful and ecstatic to be up on stage, right where she belongs.
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Memorial Day

As part of the Memorial Day Weekend, my family gathered at my Mom's house in Logan. Lisa and her family came from Colorado and all the Utahns came up as well. We spent the night in front of my Mom's house in the trailer, which was fun. Saturday, Robin had a baby shower for her new little Copper. Monday we went on a hike up to the Wind Cave in Logan Canyon. Beautiful hike. We also went swimming that afternoon at the Logan Rec Center, never a bad day for time at the pool,right?

My Brother Brad and Gina officially got engaged a few weeks back, congrats to you two and their upcoming August wedding.

Kyler felt special as he was the only cousin small enough to squeeze into the cave within a cave and share this little space with a bat. 
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