Tuesday, May 13, 2014


For our honeymoon Vera Lyn and I wanted to go somewhere exotic, warm and remote. It had always been a dream of mine to stay in an over-the-water bungalow, so we chose a resort with those type of bungalows on a tiny Tahitian Island in French Polynesia. It was called Le Taha'a Resort and was situated all by itself on a small reef about 10 miles from Bora Bora. It was amazing, picture perfect every day and almost now one else around.

We had some incredible snorkeling experiences among the reef. We went scuba diving, saw sharks, sting rays, octopus, barracuda, turtles and much more. So pretty and so relaxing the hole time. Highs during the day were 81, lows at night about 79. It was a perfect paradise and felt like we were part of the Swiss Family Robinson adventure. We also got to go walk around the Tahiti Temple.


On April 26th, Scott and Vera Lyn got married in the Timpanogos Temple. What a lucky guy I am to have found true love twice in this life. And not only twice, but twice to amazing women. Vera Lyn is exactly what I need and have been missing in my life. I am so excited about the life we will share with our now 7 kids.

We tried to do a nice, but not over the top wedding, with much of the celebrating focused on friends, family and of course the kids. We had a reception Friday night with a photo booth, soft serve ice cream and a vintage decoration them, a ceremony in the Temple Saturday morning and then a family luncheon at Olive Garden. It was perfect for what we wanted. So I do not have any of the official wedding photos from the photographer yet, but her are a few that happened to be on my phone.

While we were in the Temple the kids were busy stuffing our car full of balloons, marshmallows and Oreos. Then the whole drive to the luncheon ended up being a major marshmallow and balloon war. It was loud but fun.