Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off to Stampin' Up! Convention

Well I'm very excited to be attending Stampin' Up!s 20th Convention with my good friend Rachel! I leave this afternoon for 3 days of excitement and stamping and great fun!! It's been 5 years since I've attended convention so I'm really excited to be going!

I just finished my 100 swap cards, thanks for much help from Scott, Jo Deann and Kaylynne...THANK YOU!!

So I'll trade 50 of each card and come home with 100 new card ideas! Yeah!! I'm excited! Watch for posts when I return of the fun from my trip!
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Cute Boys

Well I sure think I have some cute boys!! Here are the boys playing wizards together..they each had such fun hats and 'broomsticks'.

Ok, this is "Dave" as he calls himself and two seconds before I took this photo he was wearing the Hello Kitty backpack too! I love that..a pink backpack, the home depot toolbox, one of mom's hats, incredible pajamas, dad's childhood cowboy vest and army glasses...what a combination!!
Kyler loves his necklaces..and his bob the builder!
Isn't this face precious? This is when we were camping last time and Kyler was struggling to stay awake. We felt so bad for him..he was SOO sleepy and yet he didn't want to sleep in the pack in case he missed out on some excitement! =)
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Trip to Golden Gate Park

Scott and I hadn't been to Golden Gate park since my 27th birthday which was 4 years ago now...and we had never taken our children to Golden Gate park so we thought it was time to take our children to see some of the sights of the city! Since we were in SF for Scott's race (more info to follow) we took advantage of the opportunity to be tourists.

Here's Cameron hanging on a cattail at the new children's park!
Kyler loved riding the 'horsies up and down'!
Dallyn 'cock-a-doodled' like his rooster would...
Cameron was quite excited about the ostrich and Kaylie enjoyed the excitement as well.
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More Golden Gate Park

Here we are enjoying our picnic lunch in Golden Gate Park!
The children loved the famous concrete slide!
And the boys riding on the sea turtle...woah dude!
Surfin on the waves!!
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More Fun in San Fran

Here we are celebrating with Banana Splits at Ghirardelli Square!
Ready to walk out on the Golden Gate Bridge!
Cameron enjoyed the view from the bridge...we even got to see a dolphin come up for air 5 or 6 times! That was really neat!
From the viewpoint off the bridge, this is looking back towards the city. What pretty can click on any photos from our San Fran trip to see them larger!! =)
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Scott Swims Alcatraz

Scott entered the Swim of the Centurions again this year which drops swimmers at Alcatraz island where they swam the 1.7 miles from the island into the Aquatic center at Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco.

Here's Scott with his caps and goggles in hand ready to get on the ferry out the island.

Here's the cheering squad waiting by the finish line for dad...its only 9 minutes into the race though...Scott's goal was about a 33 minute race.

The view of Alcatraz Island where Scott swam from...isn't that Pirate ship cool??

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More Race Day Photos

Watching the race as the swimmers came on in!

Kaylie and Cameron enjoyed the views from the top of the bleachers at the Aquatic park.
Kyler and Dallyn eating snacks waiting for the race...
Afterwards Kyler wears Daddy's medal...Grandma and Grandpa came to support Scott as well.
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Here Comes Dad!

*Click on any photos to see them larger!!*
After 33 minutes and 9 seconds Scott emerged from the water and crossed the finish line on the shore of the Aquatic Park. Here you can see him coming up from the water (in between the dark haired girl and the boy with the sweatshirt jacket on)

Running up the shore to cross the finish line in 33 minutes 9 seconds--you can see the clock at left.
This is the point at which Scott said he started to FREEZE!!! The water was 61 degrees...4 degrees warmer than it was when he did the race 3 years ago.

Scott greets the kids who were watching him as he completed the race! Scott placed 20th overall of some 300 swimmers. He placed 4th in his division and the three guys who beat him were young college guys wearing speed suits. Scott, as we know, is an older guy so we all think he did AWESOME !!

We got interviewed and videoed at the race also...probably because I was the only one there with children watching the race...everyone thought it was neat that we had such a STUD for a dad! We think so too! =)

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Birthday Party Photos

Kyler with his Grandparents Black
Playing with his new Elmo cars from Grandma and Grandpa
Blowing out his two candles!
His favorite Aunt & Uncle and cousin came up for the celebration too! Thanks Amy & Austin for coming to Kyler's party!
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More Party Photos

Here are some more photos from Kyler's family party....Kyler with his gifts...
Opening his gift from mom and dad..a kiddie sized pool! Yeah!
From his grandparents Wright...Kyler sized Legos! Yeahoo!
Building with his new legos...
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Being a Monkey at My Gym!

I took Kyler to a trial class at MyGym since he is my monkey child who loves to climb everywhere! He had a great time...


Riding the Zip Line...
Playing in the ball pit...
And making faces and building blocks with the's a fun place and we hope to go back sometime!
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