Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve having a wonderful family dinner and gift exchange with Dad's family. Christmas morning was complete with tons of gifts from Santa and family and friends, they kids loved everything they got.

We had our typical 4 hour long brunch buffet with cheese, meats, crackers, cookies, donuts, cinnamon rolls etc. etc. etc.

After the morning festivities we spent the afternoon and evening at Vera Lyn's house. First we went sledding, which was a little icy, but still a lot of fun. Then we had a relaxing dinner, played games and watched Christmas movies. What a great day. We also saw Frozen recently, what a cute and fun movie.
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Pre Christmas Activities

Leading up to Christmas was as crazy as always. Fun work, Ward, friends, family and neighborhood parties. It was great to see so many friends and family at those. We went to Temple Square and saw all the beautiful lights and nativity scene. We also attended several Christmas concerts. A few for Vera Lyn's school choir, one for two of her daughters, Dallyn and Kyler were in a school Holiday Program and then below are pics from Cameron and Kaylie's concert. Cam was great on the drums and bells and Kaylie's group sang beautifully. Kaylie even had, and knocked out of the park, an intro solo for Mariah Carie's "All I want for Christmas is You." Look out Mariah ...

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The School Play

Dallyn and Kyler just wrapped up their performances in The Little Mermaid play at their school. Dallyn was the Captain of Prince Eric's Ship and had several solo lines in the opening song. In fact, he kicked off the whole play. He also played a shark in Under the Sea and was one of the unfortunate souls captured by Ursula the Sea Which. Kyler was a sailor on the Ship, and orange Octopus and an unfortunate soul. They both did great and had a great time. Kaylie also helped out as a cast manager, shuffling kids on and off stage so the would not miss their scenes.


Cameron and Kyler were also part of the entertainment at our Ward Christmas party. Here is Cam being a "Midget" and Kyler singing fun Christmas songs with the Primary.
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China and Hong Kong

Dad took a quick trip to Shenzhen, China where many of the Company's products are produced and spent a Day in neighboring Hong Kong. All in all he was traveling more than he was on the ground, but it was worth the trip for all he accomplished.

Here is a photo of the fence dividing China and Hong Kong that Dad passes over twice on his way in and out. A very stark difference between the two sides as far as greenness and aesthetics.

Hong Kong at night from Dad's hotel room. 

Dad overlooking Hong Kong.

A normal housing unit in Hong Kong. Each 1,000 square foot flat is about $1 million USD. Wow

Dad got to do a session, in Cantonese, at the Hong Kong temple, what a treat.
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