Sunday, May 29, 2011

Formal Night

Here is our family on formal night on the cruise. We wore our coordinated Easter outfits. Kaylie and Cam later asked me why we were wearing church clothes!! There were a lot of peopled on the ship that were in Tux's, etc. so I guess we were less formal than most, but that is our style and I thought we looked great!
Each night the waiters would make some type of creation with the napkins. It's hard to tell with the angle Kaylie is holding it at, but this is a formal dress shirt!

Before dinner we went to the Golden Mickeys Show. It was fabulous! They don't allow flash photos, otherwise I would have taken photos!
We did get our photo with the Golden Mickey and Minnie.

Even Chip and Dale had tuxedos on that night and we caught a photo with them in the hallway so that was lucky!

After we got back to our room we saw our towel creation for the evening which was an elephant. The children always anticipated what animals they might receive!
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