Monday, May 30, 2011

Pool Side Fun!

Can you tell where we are headed? Yep you got it! We are headed to the pool with our fun new pedicures! Kaylie and I went to get pedicures on Sat with Grandma Wright. Kaylie hadn't had one beofre and I hadn't had one in at least 1 1/2 years so this was fun!

It sure was fun to have red toes for our trip to Disney World and all that time spent in the pool and wearing flip flops!!
Dallyn's favorite activity to do on board the ship was to swim!

A few of my fishes..I think Cameron had already jumped into the water and since he truly is a fish I didn't worry about where he was and making sure I could see him at all times like I did the little boys. They do have lifeguards but I'm paranoid too!

Kaylie got plenty of sun too and had a great time at the pool side! She enjoyed having her own room key so she could come and go as she pleased too. She had a wave phone (cell phone for the guests on the boat to use) so we could communicate with each other that way which was nice.

Here's Scott helping Kyler get into the pool..he wasn't sure as this was his first time getting into the deep pool and it was really crowded on the first at sea day.

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